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11 Mum and Daughter Pictures that Would Leave you Confused!

As people take better care of themselves (and because anti-aging technology and surgeries have gotten so advanced), it’s getting harder and hard to pin down someone’s age based on their appearance.

If you’re looking for proof, check out the below pics of moms and daughters. It’s nearly impossible to tell who’s the older generation.

You’ll be lucky to hit 50%, but go for it and see if you’ve got an eye for picking out the older (or younger) women.

(We’ll put the answers below so you can examine the pic without seeing the answer…scroll slowly so you don’t spoil the surprise!)

Any luck?

Two girls, twenty-five and twenty-six, with their forty-one-year-old mom, who’s in the middle.

Think you can figure this one out?

Mom, forty-two, is on the left. On the right is her twenty-two-year-old daughter.

Two shots to study for this one!

Mom, forty-three, is on the right. On the left is her twenty-year-old daughter.

They look the same age, don’t they?

Mom, forty-four, is on the right. Her twenty-one-year-old daughter’s on the left.

This one might be a little easier…

The daughter, twenty-one, is on the right. Mom, forty-five, is on the left.

This might be the trickiest one.

Mom, forty-seven, is on the right. Daughter, eighteen, is on the left.

Any guesses?

Twenty-seven-year-old daughter is on the…right. Mom, fifty, is on the left.

Your guess is as good as mine on this one!

Mom, fifty-two, is on the right (She’s model Yasmin Le Bon), and her twenty-seven-year-old daughter is on the left.

Does black-and-white help or hurt the decision-making process?

Mom, fifty-three, is on the right and the daughter, twenty-three, is on the left.

Last one…make it count.

Mom, sixty, is model Jerry Hall (on the left) and daughter, Lizzy Jagger, is on the right. She’s also the daughter of rock legend Mick Jagger.

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