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2 Things You Should Nev­er Eat After 9 PM If You Want To Main­tain a Healthy Heart

Sweet chocolate pizza with cookies.
In oth­er to keep dreams sweet and main­tain a total­ly healthy heart there are lots of foods or drinks to abstain from in oth­er to stay healthy. Note, even if you’re on a diet and is focus­ing on weight and fat loss there are still cer­tain foods and drinks to call quit once it’s past 9pm.

1. Piz­za
With all those excess fat calo­ries sit­ting around in the blood, what you have is a recipe for fat gain. 
Dream­ing of Domino’s? If so, you aren’t alone. Piz­za ranks as one of the most craved foods by dieters and those focused on mus­cle build­ing alike. But, if you are going to have a cheat meal and indulge in a slice or two, make sure to do it ear­li­er in the day than 9 p.m. or after. Piz­za con­tains far too many calo­ries to have this close to bed­time; what’s worse, you’ll get an extra does of both car­bo­hy­drates and a large amount of sat­u­rat­ed fat which will just sit in your stom­ach as you lie awake in bed at night. With insulin lev­els high from the car­bo­hy­drates that you’ve just con­sumed,
and all those excess fat calo­ries sit­ting around in the blood, what you have is a recipe for fat gain.
Down a few hard-boiled eggs instead. You’ll feed your body mus­cle-build­ing pro­tein with­out a ton of excess emp­ty calo­ries to go along with them.
2. Choco­late
Choco­late can be a very hard stim­u­lant to some peo­ple, and if you’re among this cat­e­go­ry, tak­ing choco­late after past 9pm could snatch your pre­cious sleep from you. Choco­late doesn’t just have a high­er sug­ar lev­el and fat con­tent than oth­er late-night snacks. It also con­tains caf­feine. If you’re sen­si­tive to caf­feine, choco­late could rob you of the pre­cious sleep you need to allow your body to recov­er max­i­mal­ly from your hard work­out ses­sions.
As a result, you won’t make the progress you oth­er­wise could. Those who don’t sleep enough on a reg­u­lar basis are much like­li­er to suf­fer from increased cor­ti­sol lev­els, which will actu­al­ly encour­age mus­cle tis­sue break­down.
Whip up your own high-pro­tein choco­late brown­ie. Sim­ply mix togeth­er one scoop of choco­late pro­tein pow­der with one egg white and then place in the microwave for 90 sec­onds or so. You’ll have a pro­tein-packed caf­feine-free dessert that will kill any choco­late crav­ing fast.

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