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2 Things You Should Never Eat After 9 PM If You Want To Maintain a Healthy Heart

Sweet chocolate pizza with cookies.
In other to keep dreams sweet and maintain a totally healthy heart there are lots of foods or drinks to abstain from in other to stay healthy. Note, even if you’re on a diet and is focusing on weight and fat loss there are still certain foods and drinks to call quit once it’s past 9pm.

1. Pizza
With all those excess fat calories sitting around in the blood, what you have is a recipe for fat gain. 
Dreaming of Domino’s? If so, you aren’t alone. Pizza ranks as one of the most craved foods by dieters and those focused on muscle building alike. But, if you are going to have a cheat meal and indulge in a slice or two, make sure to do it earlier in the day than 9 p.m. or after. Pizza contains far too many calories to have this close to bedtime; what’s worse, you’ll get an extra does of both carbohydrates and a large amount of saturated fat which will just sit in your stomach as you lie awake in bed at night. With insulin levels high from the carbohydrates that you’ve just consumed,
and all those excess fat calories sitting around in the blood, what you have is a recipe for fat gain.
Down a few hard-boiled eggs instead. You’ll feed your body muscle-building protein without a ton of excess empty calories to go along with them.
2. Chocolate
Chocolate can be a very hard stimulant to some people, and if you’re among this category, taking chocolate after past 9pm could snatch your precious sleep from you. Chocolate doesn’t just have a higher sugar level and fat content than other late-night snacks. It also contains caffeine. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, chocolate could rob you of the precious sleep you need to allow your body to recover maximally from your hard workout sessions.
As a result, you won’t make the progress you otherwise could. Those who don’t sleep enough on a regular basis are much likelier to suffer from increased cortisol levels, which will actually encourage muscle tissue breakdown.
Whip up your own high-protein chocolate brownie. Simply mix together one scoop of chocolate protein powder with one egg white and then place in the microwave for 90 seconds or so. You’ll have a protein-packed caffeine-free dessert that will kill any chocolate craving fast.

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