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21-year-old Female Stu­dent Who Is In Love With Her 54-year-old Boss Shares Their Roman­tic Sto­ry (Pho­tos)

A 21-year-old lady iden­ti­fied as Rahab Kimani, who lives in Bar­naget, New Jer­sey, and fell in love with her boss who is 33 years old­er than her, has revealed how she was brand­ed ‘dis­gust­ing’ by friends over the age-gap rela­tion­ship. 

Accord­ing to Dai­ly­mail UK, the female stu­dent who dis­closed exclu­sive­ly to the pub­li­ca­tion, said she ‘imme­di­ate­ly want­ed’ 54-year-old Joe Singis­er, when she met him through work at a nurs­ing home. 
While speak­ing to a cor­re­spon­dent, the father of four, said he was ‘sur­prised’ when he found him­self attract­ed to a much younger employ­ee but decid­ed to pur­sue the romance because he knew it was ‘true love’.
The cou­ple, who have been togeth­er for a year, now live togeth­er and are con­sid­er­ing start­ing a fam­i­ly togeth­er.
Speak­ing on their romance, Rahab, a stu­dent and home health aid, said: ‘My friends were real­ly dis­gust­ed in me for find­ing an old­er man attrac­tive, so I just stopped talk­ing about it when I was around them.
‘I was very com­fort­able on our first date. We laughed the whole night and had so much to talk about. I remem­ber after I got home I could­n’t stop smil­ing.
‘It was real­ly hard deal­ing with the way my fam­i­ly react­ed to it. I had to give them their space and I cried almost every sin­gle day.’
Rahab revealed she first found Joe attrac­tive while he was her super­vi­sor. ‘I thought he was very attrac­tive and imme­di­ate­ly want­ed him. I real­ly liked his big mus­cles and that every­one at work was afraid of him.’ 
Mean­while Joe said he ‘noticed her beau­ti­ful smile from across the room’ and would find excus­es to come out of his office just to see her. 
Rahab said that while she no longer sees the age dif­fer­ence, they do draw looks from strangers on the street. ‘We get looks while in pub­lic all the time,’ she said. 
‘Some­one even came up to me once and said I should be ashamed of myself because I just want his mon­ey. I did get sen­si­tive, but I just walked away.
‘I just see him as my boyfriend and my best friend. If any­thing, the dif­fer­ence is that I take this rela­tion­ship as more seri­ous than pre­vi­ous ones. It took every­one a long time, but they are final­ly under­stand­ing of us being togeth­er.’
Joe has intro­duced Rahab to his chil­dren who are ‘very accept­ing of their rela­tion­ship’. The 54-year-old admit­ted that while they share many inter­ests, there is also com­pro­mise. 
He said; ‘We are in two dif­fer­ent places in our lives. She par­ties all night and I’m in bed at 10pm but we make it work because we love each oth­er.’  
Now that they have been togeth­er for one year, the cou­ple has start­ed to dis­cuss the pos­si­bil­i­ty of mar­riage and chil­dren. 

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