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24 Pics We Won’t Under­stand No Mat­ter How Hard We Try

Red­dit |  @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

The inter­net is pret­ty seri­ous about enforc­ing reck­less crimes against san­i­ty late­ly. All it takes is one kiwi fruit on a piz­za and sud­den­ly half of Twit­ter is threat­en­ing to call the police on you.

But even the most ardent sense snitch knows that all the back­up in the world won’t stop some non­sense. Some­times, you just have to wave it through and hope noth­ing hap­pens.

And that’s what I’ve done with these pics.

1. I am a great ador­er of pep­per­oni, but I can’t pic­ture this being all that com­fort­able on the road.

Like, if you don’t eat them, they’ll go bad. And even if you do eat them, you’ll still have to deal with sweaty pep­per­oni.

Red­dit |  expertr

2. Appar­ent­ly, this mas­cot is sup­posed to encour­age the peo­ple of Cape Town to save water.

And hon­est­ly, it might actu­al­ly work, but only as long as par­ents tell their kids that it’ll show up at night if they waste any.

Red­dit |  The­Bald­Won­der

3. I know some morn­ings haven’t giv­en me much time to get ready, but I’ve nev­er seen a tired brain defy the laws of physics like this.

I get that they closed the but­ton on the under­wear and for­got to zip, but I’m oth­er­wise total­ly stumped

Red­dit |  Wanna_taco_bout_it_

4. I have no idea what pos­sessed this group to do this to her, but at least she seems hap­py about it.

Although that may be because she was­n’t pre­pared for the sec­ond stage of the prank where they just left her like that.

Red­dit |  the­hap­py­d­warf

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