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5 drinks that can keep the kid­neys clean

The kid­neys are major detox­i­fi­ca­tion and elim­i­na­tion organs. They remove wastes­from your body, reg­u­late sodi­um and min­er­al lev­els and excrete extra salts. A poor diet may affect the func­tion of the kid­neys and result in kid­ney stones and oth­er health prob­lems.

In order to be healthy, it is cru­cial to cleanse your kid­neys. How to cleanse it? It is very easy! The first step you should take is todrink more than two liters of clean water a day. The sec­ond step you should take is to con­sume kid­ney-cleans­ing drinks to pro­vide a cleans­ing effect.
In this arti­cle, we would like to show you five amaz­ing drinks that can help you keep your kid­neys clean. Scroll down to read how to pre­pare these bev­er­ages right now.
Cred­it: Freepik
#1. Cran­ber­ry juice

This juice pro­motes uri­nary tract health and cleanse the kid­neys of wastes. In order to keep you kid­neys in check, it is bet­ter to buy organ­ic cran­ber­ry juice with­out sug­ar and sweet­en­ers.
#2. Beet juice
Beet juice con­tain antiox­i­dants, vit­a­mins and ele­ments, which may help you pre­vent kid­ney stones and liv­er prob­lems. If you want to pre­vent health prob­lems, add this juice to your diet.
#3. Lemon juice
Lemon juice may help you dis­cour­age kid­ney stones from form­ing. To pre­pare an effec­tive cleanse, you should squeeze the juice of five lemons and mix it with two liters of water. Drink a glass of this bev­er­age once a day in the morn­ing.
#4. Juice diet
A juice cleans­ing diet can help you remove all wastes from your body and slim down. Veg­gies and fruits are loaded with all­nec­es­sary vit­a­mins and min­er­als nec­es­sary for elim­i­nat­ing tox­ins. You should squeeze the juice from cucum­bers, kale, spinach, cab­bage, oranges, grape­fruits, green apples and pears.
#5. ACV cleanse
This bev­er­age is a very effec­tive kid­ney detox. You should mix the juice of one lemon, three spoons of apple cider vine­gar, Renal­trex and one liter of clean water. Con­sume one glass of this rem­e­dy for four days.
The Bet­terMe Team wants you and those close to you to live a healthy, hap­py life! Your health is a valu­able thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest – Remem­ber you only get one!
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