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Mur­der­er who sex­u­al­ly assault­ed and killed sev­en-year-old girl in Neva­da casi­no 20 years ago and admit­ted to stran­gling her so hard he SNAPPED her neck seeks parole

Twen­ty years after after plead­ing guilty New­sex­u­al­ly assault­ing and killing a sev­en-year-old girl in a Neva­da casi­no restroom, a Cal­i­for­nia man is cit­ing imma­tu­ri­ty as the basis for a new sen­tenc­ing hear­ing so he can get parole.

Jere­my Strohmey­er was 18 when he plead­ed guilty to molest­ing, kid­nap­ping and killing Sher­rice Iver­son, sev­en, by stran­gling and snap­ping her neck in a bath­room at the Pri­madon­na Resort and Casi­no in Primm, Neva­da, in May 1997.

In Octo­ber 1998, Strohmey­er was sen­tenced to four con­sec­u­tive life sen­tences — one for each of the four charges he plead­ed guilty to — with­out the pos­si­bil­i­ty of parole.

Jeremy Strohmeyer (pictured in 1997) was 18 years old when he confessed to molesting and killing Sherrice Iverson, seven, in a Nevada casino restroom in May 1997
Jere­my Strohmey­er (pic­tured in 1997) was 18 years old when he con­fessed to molest­ing and killing Sher­rice Iver­son, sev­en, in a Neva­da casi­no restroom in May 1997

Now 39, Strohmey­er returned to a Las Vegas court­room on Thurs­day, ask­ing a judge to grant him a new sen­tenc­ing hear­ing which could lead to the pos­si­bil­i­ty of his being paroled, accord­ing to the Las Vegas Review-Jour­nal.

Through­out his two decades in prison, Strohmey­er is said to have insist­ed that his lawyers urged him to take the plea deal in lieu of going to tri­al, where pros­e­cu­tors would seek the death penal­ty.

Strohmeyer pleaded guilty to snapping seven-year-old Sherrice Iverson's neck in the bathroom of Nevada's Primadonna Resort and Casino
Strohmey­er plead­ed guilty to snap­ping sev­en-year-old Sher­rice Iver­son­’s neck in the bath­room of Nevada’s Pri­madon­na Resort and Casi­no

Strohmey­er was a high school senior, age 18 years and sev­en months, when he admit­ted to killing Iver­son.

Stud­ies have shown that peo­ple ages 18 to 20, or in ‘late ado­les­cence,’ lack the emo­tion­al and intel­lec­tu­al matu­ri­ty shown by adults.

In court Thurs­day, Lau­rence Stein­berg, a Tem­ple Uni­ver­si­ty pro­fes­sor spe­cial­iz­ing in ado­les­cent psy­cho­log­i­cal devel­op­ment, tes­ti­fied that, ‘Young peo­ple are more impetu­ous and impul­sive than adults, so they’re more like­ly to make deci­sions with­out think­ing about them or think­ing about future con­se­quences.’

He added that peo­ple’s per­son­al­i­ties do not solid­i­fy until they are in their 20s.

Stein­berg also stat­ed that, ‘The same char­ac­ter­is­tics that have been used to describe 16- and 17-year-olds in Supreme Court cas­es would also describe peo­ple who are 18 years and months old.’

In 2012 and again in 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that juve­niles who were giv­en life sen­tences for only mur­der­ing one per­son should be grant­ed a chance at receiv­ing parole, accord­ing to The Mer­cury News.

Strohmeyer in early August 1997
Strohmey­er in ear­ly August 1997
Strohmeyer in late August 1997)
Strohmey­er in late August 1997)
The Primadonna Resort and Casino in Primm, Nevada, where Iverson was killed 
The Pri­madon­na Resort and Casi­no in Primm, Neva­da, where Iver­son was killed 

When ques­tioned by Chief Deputy Dis­trict Attor­ney Marc DiGia­co­mo, Stein­berg, who had not ana­lyzed Strohmey­er, admit­ted that he was not privy to the lev­el of Strohmey­er’s matu­ri­ty at the time when he killed Iver­son.

When DiGia­co­mo said that some 18 year olds are capa­ble of show­ing greater intel­lec­tu­al capac­i­ty than oth­ers might have, Stein­berg said intel­lec­tu­al capac­i­ty is depen­dent on the indi­vid­ual.

Stein­berg also said that it isn’t pos­si­ble to deter­mine what lev­el of intel­lec­tu­al or emo­tion­al matu­ri­ty a per­son might have had as a teenag­er, based on test­ing them when they are old­er.

There have been dozens of stud­ies done that have looked at indi­vid­u­als who com­mit­ted seri­ous crimes when they were teenagers and have fol­lowed them into adult­hood and have tried to pre­dict whether they would turn out to be chron­ic adult crim­i­nals, and they’re not able to pre­dict,’ Stein­berg said.

A rul­ing on whether Strohmey­er is giv­en a new sen­tenc­ing hear­ing could be made by Sep­tem­ber.

Should Strohmey­er be grant­ed the hear­ing, pros­e­cu­tors have said that they would go for the death penal­ty this time around.

In 2001, the Neva­da Supreme Court reject­ed Strohmey­er’s appeal to vacate his guilty plea based on the grounds that his lawyers pushed him into accept­ing the plea deal. The court also reject­ed a 2006 appeal he made.

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