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Fresh eggs in a tea towel
There are things we must car­ry and han­dle with extra- care­ful­ness because these things are frag­ile and once bro­ken, it is not easy to put back togeth­er and once some of these things get bro­ken, they can lead to huge dam­age and des­tiny wastage.

1. Your Name:
Your name is very impor­tant and frag­ile. There are names that stinks in the ears of peo­ple sim­ply because, those who bear those names spoilt the name. The way to han­dle your name with care is to be care­ful of your doings. Your actions can rub­bish your name. A good name can open doors for you & for your chil­dren and gen­er­a­tions after you.

Car­ry your name with care­ful­ness. It is a huge asset. Here is one of the quotes writ­ten by Shake­speare:

‘Who­ev­er steals my purse steals trash; ’tis some­thing, noth­ing;

‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thou­sands;

But he that filch­es from me my good name, my envi­able rep­u­ta­tion, robs me of that which does not enrich him, But makes me poor indeed’.
2: Your heart:
Many hearts are bro­ken, shat­tered, wound­ed and bit­ter today. One of the fac­tors respon­si­ble for this is because many of these hearts’ own­ers were care­less with their hearts. You can guard your heart from being bro­ken and bit­ter. Run away from peo­ple, and things that are bent on break­ing your heart. 
Car­ry your heart like a crate of eggs. You need a whole heart before you can be said to be ful­ly whole!
3: Your pur­pose:
Your pur­pose is your des­tiny. If you don’t han­dle it with utmost care, it can slip off your hands and gaze and get bro­ken. So many things can come like pres­sure on this crate of egg of pur­pose. 
Dis­cour­age­ment, lack of fund, anx­i­eties, etc. These are things that may want to come like pres­sure on your pur­pose to break it. Don’t allow them! Car­ry it with care. Car­ry your pur­pose away from peo­ple and things that may want to put pres­sure on it and break it.
4: Your health:
You have only this body as a vehi­cle that will car­ry you through your jour­ney of des­tiny in this life. Han­dle your health with care. No mat­ter how big your vision is, once you are dead, nobody can real­ly run the vision like you! Fight for your health. Avoid things that can destroy your health. Wealth is use­less when your health becomes use­less. Don’t kill your­self before your time. Do your best to stay alive. WE STILL NEED YOU HERE ON EARTH. Don’t use your FORK, KNIFE, GLASS and your SPOON to dig your grave. Watch what you EAT and DRINK. Don’t eat any­thing because it is edi­ble and don’t drink any­thing because it is appe­tiz­ing. Always pray for divine immu­niza­tion against sick­ness and dis­eases.
5:Your Mar­riage:
SO MANY PEOPLE HANDLE THEIR MARRIAGE LIKE A CARTON OF INDOMIE NODDLE.  Your mar­riage is frag­ile. Han­dle it like a crate of egg. It must not break! A bro­ken mar­riage is not eas­i­ly put back togeth­er, because, when a mar­riage breaks, many things get bro­ken with it. But Remem­ber it takes two to tan­go, Hus­band and wife must always car­ry their mar­riage like an egg. It must not break!
6:Your words:
Your worth is attached to your words. Be care­ful with words. Once bro­ken, you can’t gath­er them up again. Many peo­ple are care­less with their words. They speak vio­lent­ly. They make emp­ty promis­es and break them. Some say things they lat­er wish they nev­er said. Guard your words. Be care­ful with your dic­tion.
7:Your eter­ni­ty:
Those who are run­ning up and down to ful­fill des­tiny here on Earth with­out think­ing of their eter­ni­ty do not belong here! The mat­ter of eter­ni­ty is not some­thing you should han­dle with lev­i­ty. Think about where you will spend eter­ni­ty. You will die one day. I will also die one day. All that we are and have in this world are van­i­ty upon van­i­ty.
Take the mat­ter of your end very seri­ous. Stop liv­ing care­less­ly as if you have extra life. Don’t live for the plea­sure of this world. Have the here­after in mind in all that you do.     
Grace is avail­able.
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