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About Us

Toktok9ja is a News and Entertainment media, our goal is to bring constructive contents to our increasing audience. We adhere to best practices and standards, as this has always been our watch word. We work round the clock to bring our subscribers/viewers the best contents and updates to ensure maximum satisfaction on every visit.

The Site is designed with a clear navigation through different varieties of Columns for our viewers to easily browse through and locate their desired content.We have Columns like: Onuike, which is a participatory column were viewers ask questions about staying and schooling aboard. It tells the story of a young woman who left her country to study abroad with little or nothing. Also, you’ll find other interesting columns like: Mobility with Attitude (MWA) for lovers of Cars, skate boards, bikes, hover boards, wristwatches, etc to have a feel of sophisticated state-of-the-art content on these art of movements.

Other Columns are: Joke, Gossip etc.
The Music/Video Column makes the blog a fun place to relax, listen to music, watch funny videos, cartoons, movie thrillers etc.