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Agbo Seller Gets into Serious Trouble After Sharing this Photo

What is she really selling?

Agbo drink is a mixture of harbal extract which is medicinal to the body. It is mostly common with the Yoruba people. Young ladies from the western part of Nigeria engage in the business of selling agbo to make a living.

A young beautiful agbo seller is getting more than she bargained for after photo of her massive backside hit the internet.

She wore shorts in the photo which revealed her heavy duty ikebe and sweet legs. Now the trouble is that she refuse to show her face in this photo and guys are not smiling. The puzzle question on everyone lips is “does she look as beautiful as her backside?”

We know the trend, most of this agbo sellers are custom to having tribal marks, do you think she might have one?

A guy have vowed to go in search for her and we hope he finds her.

More updates will come in later as we are following this with keen interest.

Whats your reaction on this.

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