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Alexan­der the Great Last Wish­es on his Death Bed and It’s Rel­e­vance

Alexan­der sum­moned his army gen­er­als and told them his three ulti­mate wish­es:

1. The best doc­tors should car­ry his cof­fin.

2. The wealth he has accu­mu­lat­ed (mon­ey, gold, pre­cious stones) should be scat­tered along the pro­ces­sion to the ceme­tery

3. His hands should be let loose, so they hang out­side the cof­fin for all to see!

One of his gen­er­als who was sur­prised by these unusu­al requests asked Alexan­der to explain.Here is what Alexan­der the Great had to say :

1. “I want the best doc­tors to car­ry my cof­fin to demon­strate that in the face of death , even the best doc­tors in the world have no pow­er to heal ..”

2. “I want the road to be cov­ered with my trea­sure so that every­body sees that mate­r­i­al wealth acquired on earth , will stay on earth..”

3. I want my hands to swing in the wind, so that peo­ple under­stand we come to this world emp­ty hand­ed and we leave this world emp­ty hand­ed after the most pre­cious trea­sure of all is exhaust­ed, and that is : TIME. We do not take to our grave any mate­r­i­al wealth. TIME is our most pre­cious trea­sure because it is LIMITED. We can pro­duce more wealth, but we can­not pro­duce more time. When we give some­one our time, we actu­al­ly give a por­tion of our life that we will nev­er take back .

Our time is our life !. Let us use our time to share SALVATION in CHRIST JESUS. The best present that you can give to your fam­i­ly and friends is your TIME to talk about SALVATION.

Let them know that JESUS will come to judge human­i­ty accord­ing to what we do dur­ing our stay on earth. HEAVEN is real and hell is real. Choose HEAVEN.

May God grant YOU plen­ty of TIME, to share this impor­tant mes­sage with all your con­tacts. We all for­ward jokes and oth­er mes­sage.

please for­ward this mes­sage to all your friends and request them to for­ward it to their friends too.

Many thanks,

Abel Wealth

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