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Android P beta — New fea­tures and how down­load on YOUR smart­phone REVEALED

GOOGLE has just announced the launch of its Android P beta pro­gramme and here’s all the new fea­tures and how to down­load it right now.
Google’s Android P is now avail­able in beta

Google’s next gen­er­a­tion oper­at­ing sys­tem, Android P, is now avail­able to down­load via the fir­m’s beta pro­gramme.
The US tech­nol­o­gy giant has just announced the launch of its new OS at its year­ly devel­op­ers con­fer­ence with a swathe of updat­ed fea­tures also revealed.
Android P can be down­loaded right now on a range of devices includ­ing Google’s own Pix­el, Sony Xpe­ria XZ2, Xiao­mi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, One­Plus 6, and Essen­tial PH‑1.
So what’s new in the update?
There’s plen­ty of new fea­tures com­ing to Android P includ­ing Adap­tive Bat­tery, which pri­ori­tis­es bat­tery pow­er only for the apps and ser­vices you use the most.
Google has also used machine learn­ing to cre­ate some­thing called Adap­tive Bright­ness.
This intel­li­gent fea­ture learns how you like to set the bright­ness slid­er giv­en your sur­round­ings with Google say­ing it does a bet­ter job that cur­rent in-built set­tings on most smart­phones.
Google is mak­ing a big deal about the way Android P looks with the whole expe­ri­ence now more sim­ple — mak­ing it eas­i­er and faster to use.
A less clut­tered home screen along with easy ges­tures to switch between apps have all been includ­ed.
App Actions, for instance, help Android fans get to the next task more quick­ly by pre­dict­ing what they want to do next.
Say you con­nect your head­phones to your device, Android will sur­face an action to resume your favourite Spo­ti­fy playlist.
Actions show up through­out Android in places like the Launch­er, Smart Text Selec­tion, the Play Store, the Google Search app and the Assis­tant.
Google Android P
Anoth­er of Android P’s head­line fea­tures is mak­ing smart­phones less intru­sive.
With­in this upgrade are plen­ty of options that allow users to check how much time they are spend­ing on their phone and stop them­selves from being dis­tract­ed by it.
Google says its focus is on giv­ing users a greater under­stand­ing of how you use your phone, as well as more con­trols.
Android P includes a new Dash­board that gives a sim­ple guide to app usage.
It even shows how many times you’ve unlocked your phone, and how many noti­fi­ca­tions you’ve received.
Anoth­er option is the App Timer which lets users set time lim­its on apps, and will nudge them when they are close to their lim­it.
Final­ly there’s a Wind Down mode which will switch on Night Light when it gets dark, and it will turn on Do Not Dis­turb and fade the screen to grayscale at your cho­sen bed­time to help you remem­ber to get to sleep at the time you want.
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