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BBNai­ja: Leo and Ifu Ena­da arrive Nige­ria after evic­tion, See List of Nom­i­nees Like­ly to go Home this Week (pho­tos)

Big Broth­er Nai­ja 2018 ex-house­mates, Leo and Ifu Ena­da have both arrived Nige­ria after their evic­tion. Below are pic­tures fans took with the pair at Mur­ta­la Muhammed Inter­na­tion­al air­port, Lagos.
In an inter­view with Africa Mag­ic, Leo revealed the rea­son why they were evict­ed from the BBNai­ja 2018 edi­tion. He said,
”Evic­tion was inevitable for us because we won the Pep­si and Her­itage bank chal­lenge.
”I mean we have a VVIP tick­et, cap­i­tal, mon­ey in the bank.

”So as a vot­er, the fist thing I will look at is that the pair ”Lifu” already have a foun­da­tion, so let us help peo­ple that have got­ten noth­ing from the house.”

React­ing to the evic­tion of Leo and Ifu Ena­da, for­mer house­mate Ahnee­ka, via a video she shared on twit­ter, said,
“So I heard the pair of Lifu were evict­ed from the house last night. Well it is nobody’s game. Lifu, Leo and Ifu, hi guys.

“Wel­come come home. Its not so bad out here. You gonna hear some crazy things on inter­net I wear to you. Like lots of mad­ness on the inter­net.

“When you get your phone, take a deep breath. What! The way we saw the house inside its not the way it is out here.

“Just be nice and enjoy­ing every­thing. a lot of oppor­tu­ni­ties out here grab it. Enna­da, I believe in you.
Below is a list of house­mates like­ly to be evict­ed soon. The list excludes Nina cos she emerged head of house which gives her immu­ni­ty over such.
Anto nom­i­nat­ed Ted­dy A and Alex
Rico nom­i­nat­ed Cee C and Mir­a­cle
Cee C nom­i­nat­ed Alex and Anto
Lolu nom­i­nat­ed Rico and Bam­Bam
Bam­Bam nom­i­nat­ed Tobi and Anto
Tobi nom­i­nat­ed Ted­dy A and Bam­Bam
Alex nom­i­nat­ed Bam­Bam and Cee C
Ted­dy A nom­i­nat­ed Tobi and Mir­a­cle
Mir­a­cle nom­i­nat­ed Cee C and Lolu
Nina nom­i­nat­ed Bam­Bam and Lolu

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