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Beau­ti­ful Niger­ian Amputee Shares Her Inspir­ing Sto­ry (Pho­tos)

A Niger­ian lady who cel­e­brat­ed her birth­day with a bold pho­to show­ing off her stump, has shared her sto­ry on her IG page.

At the age of 13, Doris was hit and knocked down by a com­mer­cial motor­cy­clist in Bayel­sa State.

As a result of her severe injuries, she had her leg ampu­tat­ed.

The The­atre Arts grad­u­ate of the Nnam­di Aziki­we Uni­ver­si­ty, also spoke about her jour­ney in the movie indus­try, chal­lenges and how a chance meet­ing with an actor and pro­duc­er changed her career. Read below…

I grew up in Bayel­sa state and I wasn’t born with dis­abil­i­ty.
At age 13, I got knocked down by a motor­cy­clist while try­ing to cross the road. The acci­dent led to the ampu­ta­tion of my right leg, and that moment changed the way I start­ed see­ing life. I didn’t take life seri­ous­ly because I thought I was use­less to my fam­i­ly and to the world, but my par­ents didn’t see me that way espe­cial­ly my mum. I nev­er took my edu­ca­tion seri­ous­ly because I had no sense of belong­ing to the envi­ron­ment.
My mum was very sup­port­ive, she taught me how to fight for what I want and not to give up and that has helped me a lot in my career so the word ‘impos­si­bil­i­ty’ is not in my dic­tio­nary’.

I start­ed accept­ing and appre­ci­at­ing God for my life when I found out about Nicholas James Vuji­cic, the moti­va­tion­al speak­er with­out legs and arms. His videos were the inspi­ra­tion that got me back on my foot, that was when I start­ed fight­ing for what I want­ed but the chal­lenges were seri­ous. I got an admis­sion to study the­atre arts at Nnam­di Aziki­we Uni­ver­si­ty, So many peo­ple dis­cour­aged me from study­ing the course, most of my course mates were like ‘what is she doing in this depart­ment’, wasn’t she aware of what this course is all about, can she dance or act with this her one leg?’ I usu­al­ly felt bad but con­stant­ly encour­aged myself because I knew want I want­ed and I was ready to fight for it. I learnt how to dance on my own, in my room. Today I can act and dance with or with­out my sup­port aid.
But the chal­lenges con­tin­ues.

I got into the movie indus­try 3 years ago through PRINCE OWELLE UGORJI who is an actor and also a movie pro­duc­er. I met him on face­book and told him my pas­sion for act­ing and danc­ing. He was touched by my sto­ry and promised to help me achieve my dreams. Few years lat­er, he chat­ted me up and sent me a script. I was so hap­py that day, I went through the script and he gave me the lead role in the movie called Susan­na. The movie Susan­na brought us clos­er, he took me like a sis­ter and promised to make my dreams come true. He didn’t ask for mon­ey or $ex from me unlike one pro­duc­er who only wants.

I’m not mar­ried yet. Peo­ple always ask why I chose “Doris­stillsmil­ing” as my Insta­gram han­dle, I just can’t stop smil­ing and being hap­py, I love myself so much. Loos­ing one of my legs is des­tiny, the plan God has for me is big­ger than my imag­i­na­tion, God has been using me to encour­age so many peo­ple not to give up, no mat­ter the con­di­tion, I might not be where I wish to be but I’m head­ing some­where. The world is going to cel­e­brate me some­day, that I am sure of, as a soci­ety I don’t think we are doing enough to help peo­ple like myself. I hate that word ‘dis­abled’, we are not dis­abled we are just ‘dif­fer­ent­ly abled.’ We have abil­i­ties and the soci­ety should see us this way not pic­tur­ing us beg­gars.

For peo­ple think­ing they are dis­abled, sweet­ies; here is the word for you “dif­fer­ent­ly Abled”. We are spe­cial peo­ple, we do things dif­fer­ent­ly that only makes us spe­cial, you can achieve your dreams if only you believe in your­self and don’t give up, don’t be dis­cour­aged, don’t stop fight­ing, fight for what you want, love your­self first before oth­ers can love you, don’t look down on your­self. I know it’s not easy but don’t for­get life itself is not easy, good things comes to peo­ple that don’t give up, from today tell your friends and fam­i­ly that ‘Doris­stillsmil­ing’ said you are not dis­abled but dif­fer­ent­ly abled. God loves you!”

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