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#BBNaija2019 Get­ting Hot Already As House Mates Smuch Each Oth­er Under The Blan­ket, Watch Video

The Big Broth­er Nai­ja 2019 already kicked-off and quite amus­ing­ly, the events that would keep view­ers on the edge of their seats are swift­ly kick­ing in even in the very ear­ly stages of the game.

The first day was a sort of a day to get the house mates to know one anoth­er and have an under­stand­ing of what everyone’s per­son­al­i­ty entails.

How­ev­er, the day 2 went real­ly hot as roman­tic/se­mi-s8x­u­al engage­ments were car­ried out. Two house mates in the house got real­ly cozy in the pre­sumed severe­ly air-con­di­toned room, and they result­ed to find­ing solace “under the blan­ket” to keep warm.

A video has been put for you below so you could have an under­stand­ing of what went down and to know the two house mates that are push­ing the game to the start of unlock­ing a whole new lev­el.

Watch video below:

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