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Blac Chy­na BLEACHES All The Melanin From Her Skin… She’s Now DEATHLY PALE!!! (Pho­tos

Blac Chy­na appears t have bleached all remain­ing melanin from her skin – she’s now death­ly pale.

The beau­ti­ful insta­gram star­let has been accused of bleach­ing her skin in the past. And these new images all but con­firm those rumors.

In new pics that were cir­cu­lat­ed by paparazzi, Chy­na is spot­ted out look­ing like a GHOST. Her skin was not only White – it’s now pale and ashen. As one ocom­menter put it , “She looks like a ZOMBIE.”

Before gain­ing fame, Chy­na had a very pret­ty brown com­plex­ion. But over time, her skin got lighter and paler. That’s when the rumors of her “skin bleach­ing” start­ed going around.

As of now Chy­na has not offi­cial­ly con­firmed that she’s been light­en­ing her skin.

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