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Brain Chal­lenge — 5 Easy Ways To Train Your Brain For Suc­cess

We often talk about work­ing out and keep­ing your body healthy, but we for­get that it’s just as impor­tant to work out our minds, too. When you’re busy work­ing hard and smash­ing your goals, you need to make sure your men­tal mus­cles are flexed and you’re feel­ing up to the chal­lenge.

If you’re men­tal­ly ready for any­thing, you can deal with stress and will be bet­ter pre­pared for life as you get old­er. So, are you ready to start work­ing out your brain?

1. Learn some­thing new every day

Recent stud­ies have shown that learn­ing new things can help improve your mem­o­ry and men­tal per­for­mance. It keeps your mind active and stops it from get­ting lazy.

Learn­ing some­thing new is impor­tant, you need to keep your brain work­ing and fresh by chal­leng­ing your­self. This is the eas­i­est work­out you’ll ever do because you only have to sign up to Skill­share and you’re already halfway there.

Skill­share has thou­sands of class­es you can learn, you could even chal­lenge your­self to try some­thing new every sin­gle day.

2. Don’t get com­fort­able

Tak­ing the same route every day or always choos­ing the same things makes your mind lazier. Do you ever find your­self turn­ing autopi­lot on when you’re walk­ing to work or walk­ing home?

Keep your mind ener­gized and active by step­ping out of your com­fort zone.

Expe­ri­ence new things, take a dif­fer­ent route home and keep sur­pris­ing your­self.

3. Med­i­tate more

Med­i­ta­tion actu­al­ly works at help­ing your mind focus. If you’re dis­tract­ed way too eas­i­ly, clear your mind at least once a week and you’ll find that you’re more like­ly to focus on the things that mat­ter.

Not only that, you’ll be less dis­tract­ed in your day to day and find it eas­i­er to get things done.

This is because you’re giv­ing your brain some breath­ing room, let­ting it have time to cool down and try­ing not to think about every­thing at once. Mind­ful­ness and med­i­ta­tion will help you process your day bet­ter, and keep your brain fir­ing at its best.

4. Exer­cise both sides of your brain

The right side of your brain remem­bers the big­ger pic­ture of an event, while the left side goes into the details. If they work togeth­er in per­fect har­mo­ny, you’ll be bet­ter at strate­giz­ing and recall­ing events.

To work it out you’ll need to chal­lenge your­self to try some­thing you aren’t com­fort­able with. If you con­sid­er your­self more of an ana­lyt­i­cal thinker, learn some­thing cre­ative. Vice ver­sa. Keep your mind work­ing by chal­leng­ing your­self to remem­ber not only the big­ger pic­ture but also some small details.

When you go for lunch, ask your­self where you went but also try to pic­ture one small thing like the badge anoth­er cus­tomer was wear­ing. The more vivid­ly you can recall things, the bet­ter your brain is work­ing.

5. Improve your lifestyle

There’s plen­ty of research that shows that your lifestyle impacts your brain. Your diet should include plen­ty of B vit­a­mins and Omega oils for max­i­mum brain pow­er. You should reg­u­lar­ly work out and stay hydrat­ed through­out the day. The bet­ter you live your life, the health­i­er your brain will be. Espe­cial­ly as you get old­er.

Try to do thir­ty min­utes of exer­cise every day, make sure you’re hydrat­ed enough and plan your meals in advance.

If you focus your atten­tion on all five areas, you’ll find your­self able to deal with stress, think cre­ative­ly and you might even earn that pro­mo­tion!

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