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Bro­ken Love? Come­di­an Klink Da Drunk Quit 10 Years Mar­riage to Pret­ty Wife Lilien

Come­di­an Klint Da Drunk Igwem­ba and his Beau­ti­ful wife Lilien have fall­en out of love and are no longer togeth­er after end­ing their 10 years old Mar­riage, an online source reveals.

Accord­ing to Stel­la Dimoko Korkus, the Mar­riage broke down due to Irrec­on­cil­able differences..”They fell apart and the love was no longer there from both sides and they could­n’t weath­er the Mar­riage storm that came their way…”

Lilien moved out in May 2018 with their three kids when the cen­tre could no longer hold  and all talks to mend what was bro­ken could­n’t bring back their feel­ings for each oth­er. ”She moved out and relo­cat­ed from Lagos to start a new life some­where else.

Klint on the oth­er hand has also moved on and even adopt­ed two cats to keep him com­pa­ny at home”

The For­mer Cou­ple are friend­ly exes and there is no ten­sion between them, love just died .…

The Divorce process is whis­pered to be cur­rent­ly on going.….

Hmmm, May they remain friend­ly exes for the sake of their Chil­dren!!!

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