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Broken Promises, When A Woman is Fed Up…

She wanted to say “Don’t leave me”, but she couldn’t do it again. She wanted to say “Why can’t you understand how I’m feeling”, but she knew she can’t force you. She wanted to say “I don’t care anymore”, but she realized that wouldn’t make anything better. She wanted to say “I’m sorry”, but she knows she hasn’t done anything wrong. She wanted to say “You never used to be like this”, but she figured she shouldn’t beg you to change. She wanted to say “I want us to try to work things out”, but she accepts that nothing can be fixed between you and her. She wanted to say “Maybe we should give us another chance”, but she reminded herself that it’s not even worth it anymore. She wanted to say “I don’t want to give up on us”, but she decided that she truly can’t do this anymore. She wanted to say “I miss you”, but she stopped herself from going down that path again. She wanted to say “I love you”, but she had to remember how much she actually hates you for hurting her as bad as you did.

And once you get a woman to the point where she doesn’t give a fuck anymore, you’re not getting her back. She deserves to be treated better.

Think about this and be careful with your actions…

James Ifeanyi Onuorah

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