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Codeine Mat­ters: Emzor, Two Oth­er Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Com­pa­nies Shut Down!

The Nation­al Agency for Food and Drug Admin­is­tra­tion and Con­trol (NAFDAC) has­shut down three phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies over the codeine syrup scan­dal.

The com­pa­nies include Peace Stan­dard Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Lim­it­ed, Bio­raj Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Lim­it­ed and Emzor Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals Indus­try Lim­it­ed.
Direc­tor-Gen­er­al of the Agency, Pro­fes­sor Mojiso­la Adey­eye in a state­ment on Mon­day said the com­pa­nies will remain shut to allow for a full and com­pre­hen­sive inves­ti­ga­tion.
Among the alle­ga­tions lev­elled against the closed com­pa­nies include refusal to abide by reg­u­la­tions on the dis­tri­b­u­tion of cer­tain med­ica­tions.
“Due to insuf­fi­cient evi­dence gath­ered and appar­ent resis­tance to pro­vide need­ed doc­u­ments dur­ing our inspec­tion on May 2, 2018 at the respec­tive com­pa­nies in Ilorin and Lagos, respec­tive­ly, it has become nec­es­sary to shut down all prod­uct lines of the three com­pa­nies – Peace Stan­dard Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Lim­it­ed, Bio­raj Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Lim­it­ed and Emzor Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals Ind. Ltd.
This is to allow for a full and com­pre­hen­sive inves­ti­ga­tion. The three com­pa­nies, there­fore, remain closed,” the state­ment read in part.
The reopen­ing of the man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pa­nies accord­ing to Adey­eye will depend on the lev­el of coop­er­a­tion that is shown dur­ing the com­pre­hen­sive inves­ti­ga­tion.
The state­ment added fur­ther that Adey­eye had ear­li­er called for an emer­gency meet­ing with the PMG-MAN Exec­u­tive to dis­cuss crit­i­cal issues relat­ing to Codeine-con­tain­ing cough syrup togeth­er with oth­er con­trolled sub­stances.
Also, a Task Force to be made up of NAFDAC Direc­tors- Reg­is­tra­tion and Reg­u­la­to­ry Affairs; Nar­cotics and Con­trolled Sub­stances; and Drug Eval­u­a­tion and Research.
Mem­bers of PMG-MAN in the Com­mit­tee includ­ed the Exec­u­tive Sec­re­tary of PMG-MAN, Fid­son Health­care; May & Bak­er PLC; and Emzor Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Indus­tries was con­sti­tut­ed by the DG.
“A team of nine NAFDAC offi­cers (two from Drug and Eval­u­a­tion Research – DER and sev­en from Inves­ti­ga­tion & Enforce­ment – I&E) and ten mobile police offi­cers were sent to Ilorin, Kwara state on May 2, 2018 to car­ry out inves­ti­ga­tion­al inspec­tion at the com­pa­nies of the two dif­fer­ent phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies that are licensed to man­u­fac­ture codeine-con­tain­ing syrup, and which were impli­cat­ed in the BBC doc­u­men­tary,” the state­ment added.
A doc­u­men­tary by BBC recent­ly exposed the addic­tion of some Nige­ri­ans, most­ly youths to codeine and report­ed the com­plic­i­ty of some phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies.
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