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Con­fes­sion Time! Guess The BBNai­ja House­mate Who Is Crush­ing On Tacha

It is not unusu­al for rela­tion­ship to hap­pen among the house­mates in the Big Broth­er Nai­ja real­i­ty tele­vi­sion show. In fact, it is expect­ed that one or two seri­ous ones will brew up. One of the BBNai­ja 2019 house­mates, Ike, is cur­rent­ly get­ting fol­low­ers of the show talk­ing after he made a rev­e­la­tion about a crush he has on a lady in the house. Can you guess who the lady is?

There were dra­ma and shock in the ear­ly hours of Wednes­day morn­ing as some of the house­mates woke up ear­ly. Frodd, Jeff, Ike, Seyi were seen in the dress­ing room area dis­cussing and the con­tes­tant who has man­aged to look like three celebri­ties at the same time, sprung up the con­ver­sa­tion, reveal­ing sur­pris­ing details of his Big Broth­er Nai­ja crush.

Ike made it known that he likes Tacha. He men­tioned that he wasn’t sure, but he was get­ting some vibes from and for Tacha! Frodd and the guys were then seen try­ing to dis­cour­age him as they gave him the “don’t even go there” vibes.

While some of their fans think Ike and Tacha will look cute togeth­er, a few lament­ed on how anoth­er female house­mate, KimO­prah would lose out if he indeed went ahead to pur­sue his love inter­est.

Anoth­er fan seemed to think that the guys dis­cour­ag­ing Ike from going after Tacha will end up going after her them­selves. Talk about dra­ma! Do you think he real­ly likes her or he just wants to eat his cake and have it? Only time will tell!

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