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Dear Men, Some­times I won­der where you draw your strength from.

You stay for months with­out buy­ing new clothes for your­selves all because you want to put food on the table.

You stay hun­gry just so your fam­i­ly can eat and sur­vive.

You get dressed and leave the house with­out direc­tion, but come back home with mon­ey after toil­ing day and night.

Some of you have been embar­rassed, dis­graced and abused because you can’t afford to get a decent job and when you bring home peanuts, they throw it right back in your face.

I know how you have deprived your­self of basic edu­ca­tion just so your chil­dren can eat.

Most times, you are insult­ed, abused by peo­ple you are old­er than, but you take the insults because of your wives and kids.

How you do all these amazes me and i pray that God bless your hus­tle.

Stay alive for your fam­i­ly at large.

If you have a Man that tries, a broth­er that tries, a hus­band that tries, take one day and appre­ci­ate him.

Rec­i­p­ro­cate back the love and affec­tions. He might be starv­ing just for you to sur­vive.

Dear Men, thou art blessed and appre­ci­at­ed.


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