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Doc­tors Are Still Amazed After Baby is Born with Three Heads

A baby girl has been born with what appears to be three heads in Uttar Pradesh in India, appar­ent­ly due to an unknown med­ical con­di­tion.

Fam­i­ly mem­bers are said to be ‘in shock’ fol­low­ing the birth of the child last week.

Hav­ing been born with two large pro­tru­sions formed from the back of her skull, medics in the coun­try are also stumped.

The baby girl was born in Utter Pradesh in India. Credit: Media Drum World
The baby girl was born in Utter Pradesh in India. Cred­it: Media Drum World

The baby’s moth­er deliv­ered her at a health cen­tre after suf­fer­ing extreme pain before going into labour.

Accord­ing to medics, the infan­t’s mum had not expe­ri­enced any com­pli­ca­tions dur­ing her preg­nan­cy.

She was lat­er referred to the Dis­trict Hos­pi­tal in Etah, as the pri­ma­ry health cen­tre lacked prop­er med­ical facil­i­ties.

Bijji Thakur, who wit­nessed the child’s birth, said: “The girl child had three heads. She looked like an alien.”

Doc­tors have said they will con­duct a Mag­net­ic Res­o­nance Imag­ing (MRI) scan to deter­mine the exact med­ical con­di­tion of the new-born baby.

Credit: Media Drum World
Cred­it: Media Drum World

This is a very rare med­ical con­di­tion,” explained Rajesh Thakur, Chief Med­ical Super­in­ten­dent, Dis­trict Hos­pi­tal, Etah.

The child’s body has not ful­ly devel­oped. We will per­form an MRI scan and then per­form a surgery to sep­a­rate the ‘heads’.”

While rare, there have been many cas­es report­ed of babies being born with extra heads world­wide — a med­ical con­di­tion often referred to as encephalo­cele.

On its web­site, Great Ormond Street Hos­pi­tal refers to an encephalo­cele as ‘a rare con­gen­i­tal (present at birth) type of neur­al tube defect where part of the skull has not formed prop­er­ly so a por­tion of brain tis­sue and asso­ci­at­ed struc­tures are out­side the skull’.

The pro­trud­ing sac may be cov­ered with skin or it may be cov­ered with a thin mem­brane,” the web­site explains.

Ear­li­er this year, anoth­er baby in Colom­bia was born with her own twin grow­ing inside her bel­ly.

Credit: CEN
Cred­it: CEN

The girl, born in Feb­ru­ary, is an incred­i­bly rare exam­ple of a ‘foe­tus in foe­tu’ birth — a phe­nom­e­non that was first observed way back in 1808, but has not been seen on many occa­sions since then.

Itza­ma­ra — as the young child has been named — was born on 22 Feb­ru­ary but, accord­ing to local media, med­ical staff then had to remove a tiny 45 mil­lime­tre twin from with­in her via key­hole surgery.

Credit: CEN
Cred­it: CEN

The twin did not have a beat­ing heart, nor a brain. In fact, it weighed only 14 grams.

Mon­i­ca Vega, the baby’s mum, said that doc­tors actu­al­ly realised that some­thing was inside her unborn daugh­ter’s abdomen after sev­en months of her preg­nan­cy.

Doc­tors believe that this could be the very first case of foe­tus in foe­tu being diag­nosed dur­ing the preg­nan­cy.

Dr Miguel Par­ra said: “I have nev­er heard of any­thing like this in my entire life. I real­ly did not expect this to hap­pen.”

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