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Don’t Hate — Here is the Car Lin­da Ike­ji is Sav­ing all her Mon­ey to buy

The newest moth­er in town Lin­da Ike­ji is liv­ing her life to the fullest, despite the hate speech going on from young ladies who sub­scribed to her celiba­cy saga.

Recall, Lin­da was a strong advo­cate against pre-mar­i­tal cex­u­al inter­course and had even advised her fol­low­ers most­ly young women to abstain from cex before mar­riage.

Well she blow the mind of Nige­ri­ans when she dis­closed the pater­ni­ty of her son in a long sto­ry where she dis­closed in detailed the sce­nario of the preg­nan­cy on her blog.

This did­n’t real­ly go well with her fol­low­ers, but it nev­er stopped Lin­da from liv­ing her life. In a recent post, Lin­da shared a pho­to of a new whip she intends adding to her garage.

She tagged the pho­to: “Next on my mind. Mer­cedes-May­bach 6 Cabri­ole.”

She went on to say: “Don’t hate, don’t troll, just tap into the bless­ing.”

That car cost a whop­ping sum of £260,000, when con­vert­ed it’s N104,000,000.00, wow she got taste, but i’m sure her bank man­ag­er will prob­a­bly advise her not to go that lav­ish.

Do you think she’ll do it?

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