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Endowned Slay Mama Says she Needs Sugar Boy to Treat Her Right

What is the difference between a slay queen and a slay mama? Well i am going to answer that question today. A slay queen is any girl who likes slaying at age of 18 to 27 while a slay mama is a lady who is still slaying at age 29 and above.

Now you know the difference right? let’s move on to the purpose of this post.

Photos of this slay mama is making rounds on social media and blogs for the wrong reason. Apparently she is tired of older men and wants a younger dude to treat her right.

According to online reports, the Edo babe shared photos of her curvy endowment and her phone number for younger dudes to chat her up. Who says age is just a number? When age meets up with you and you are still slaying, Na your body go tell you.

Well guys there you have it, it’s against our policy to do hookups especially with slay mamas, but her photos are on other sites, you can check them out if you are interested.

Good luck…

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