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Gov. Hen­ry Seri­ake Dick­son In Trou­ble As Bayel­sa Women Protest and Place Curse on Him

It was ear­li­er report­ed today how angrypro­test­ers took their agi­ta­tion to anoth­er lev­el after block­ing all major roads lead­ing to the Niger Delta Uni­ver­si­ty (NDU), Amassoma,Bayelsa State.

The pro­test­ers – com­pris­ing the host com­mu­ni­ty, the staff of the Niger Delta Uni­ver­si­ty, includ­ing clean­ers and gar­den­ers, have locked all offices and also blocked the main entrance to the insti­tu­tion…

Some aggriev­ed pro­tes­tors went as far as strip­ping and being Pri­vate dur­ing the demon­stra­tion.
They are said to be protest­ing against the admin­is­tra­tion of Gov­er­nor Hen­ry Seri­ake Dick­son over an alleged mar­gin­al­iza­tion of the peo­ple of Amas­so­ma, and that they want the whole world to know that the ongo­ing civ­il ser­vice reforms being car­ried out in the NDU by the state gov­ern­ment is main­ly tar­get­ed at the peo­ple of Amas­so­ma Com­mu­ni­ty.
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