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Guy Gift His Girl Engage­ment Ring & Car Key Wrapped inside Bread and this Hap­pened…

A girl was very proud of her boy friend, she always tell her friends how good her boy friend is. On the day of her birth­day, she invit­ed all her friends includ­ing her boy friend who hap­pens to be the spe­cial guest of hon­or.

Every­body brought their gifts to the girl and was wait­ing for the arrival of her boy friend who promised to bring a very nice gift for his girl.

As every­body was wait­ing, behold! The boy was com­ing with a gift which was inside a poly bag. The girl was very hap­py at the arrival of his boy friend and was ready to see the gift that he brought to her.

Do you know what hap­pen?

The boy just opened the poly bag in front of all the guest’s and invi­tees. And he brought out a loaf of bread. And said to the girl…“take this bread, that’s
what i brought for you as your birth­day gift.”

The girl got angry imme­di­ate­ly and was high­ly dis­ap­point­ed at her boy friend. She grab the bread and threw it away with anger. The boy friend also got dis­ap­point­ed and he rushed and pick up the bread. He opened the bread in front of his girl friend, behold!!!….there was a car key and an engage­ment ring inside the bread.

When the girl noticed that…She began to beg, but then, it was too late for her.

Moral: always learn how to appre­ci­ate things, weath­er big or small.

Prayer: i pray that your mis­take will nev­er take away your favor.

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