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Guyana Moth­er Kills Her Two Chil­dren With Rat Poi­son

A court in Guyana has found a heart­less moth­er guilty of killing her two chil­dren with rat poi­son. A 12-mem­ber jury in Guyana  South Amer­i­ca has found Awe­na Ruther­ford, 25, guilty of killing two of her chil­dren through poi­son­ing.

Ruther­ford alleged­ly gave her one-year-old Jabari Codogan and four-year-old Odas­cia Codogan two halves of one car­bon tablet, which caused their deaths on March 27, 2014. The accused, how­ev­er, main­tained that she thought she was buy­ing cold tablets for them.


“Who would go to the Plai­sance Bus Park to buy cold tablets from a man that sells rat poi­son?”
was the ques­tion State Pros­e­cu­tor Tiffi­ni Lyken had put to the 12 mem­ber-jury dur­ing her clos­ing address at Rutherford’s manslaugh­ter tri­al on Wednes­day.
She also drank two of the same tablets and was hos­pi­talised for sev­er­al days.
Dur­ing the hear­ing before Jus­tice Navin­da Singh, Jabari Codogan Sr, tes­ti­fied via Skype from Brook­lyn, New York that he sup­port­ed his chil­dren even after he sep­a­rat­ed from Ruther­ford.
Although, he com­mu­ni­cat­ed with them every day, he was not told that they were suf­fer­ing from a cold. Awe­na and the chil­dren were stay­ing with the defendant’s sis­ter, Mon­i­ca Sealey and her hus­band, Curt, who both tes­ti­fied that they nev­er noticed the chil­dren suf­fer­ing from any cold symp­toms pri­or to their deaths.
Ruther­ford main­tained that she nev­er bought rat poi­son and that the police treat­ed her unfair­ly. How­ev­er, mul­ti­ple police wit­ness­es main­tained that Ruther­ford repeat­ed­ly said she was stressed and had prob­lems and that she indeed gave her chil­dren the sup­posed cold tablets.
Gov­ern­ment Pathol­o­gist, Dr. Nehaul Singh, con­firmed that the chil­dren died from pes­ti­cide poi­son­ing by way of ingest­ing alu­mini­um phos­phate, which is com­mon­ly known as car­bon tablets.
After the jury’s deci­sion, Ruther­ford was heard scream­ing and she sub­se­quent­ly col­lapsed on the court­room floor. Jus­tice Singh left the bench after 20 min­utes of her being on the floor and adjourned the mat­ter to Fri­day for sen­tenc­ing.

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