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Health Tips that Will Help you Live 100 Years and Above, Info­graph­ics

As they say, health is wealth, we ate shar­ing with you some health tips that can make you live longer if you prac­tice them on dai­ly basis.

  • Excess salt is not good for the heart, avoid exces­sive intake of salt to pre­vent heart relat­ed con­di­tions.
  • If you care for your mouth gar­gle fre­quent­ly with gin­gel­ly
  • If you care for your eyes, mas­sage your feet with oil before going to bed, it helps the eye nerves which is con­nect­ed to your feet.
  • Drink­ing of less water dur­ing sleep­ing hours helps the kid­ney func­tion well.
  • Give your liv­er the best treat by avoid­ing exces­sive fat­ty food, diet­ing is key.
  • Green peas help detox­i­fy your body and ladies are advice to use them reg­u­lar­ly as it helps in reduc­ing men­stru­al pains.
  • The best way to be refreshed is giv­ing your brain much rest, accord­ing to research, you brain request up to 8 hour sleep to func­tion at it’s best.
  • Avoid things that are cold, if you want to avoid unnec­es­sary stom­ach upset.
  • Drink­ing a lot of water cleanse the kid­ney and flush out tox­ic, it also keeps you hydrat­ed espe­cial­ly dur­ing hot sea­son.
  • Chew­ing raw onions helps take care of your uri­nary tract.
  • Eat more of veg­eta­bles and zero of junk food to stay healthy and strong.

Always make sure to emp­ty your blad­der before going to bed. The helps your kid­ney func­tion well.

That’s all for now, do some­one a favour by shar­ing this tips using the share but­ton bel­low.

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