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Heavy Commotion on Social Media as Lady Shows off Massive Chest Asset (Photos)

Social media users have been apparently running helter skelter in confusion since pictures of this busty businesswoman went viral online.

Confidence Adannaya Offor aka Creamy Dency who hails from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria is driving people crazy on social media with the quantum of watermelons gifted her by nature.

She is a fashion designer and stylist constantly showcasing her wares on Instagram. No matter the beauty or uniqueness of the cloth she is showcasing, the boobs always steal the show.

About 66,000 people are following her on Instagram while she only follows about 554 users.

Rumours have it that some flirty men covertly go after the Lagos-based single lady under the guise that they want to make clothes. The light-skinned entrepreneur has suddenly become the fantasy of most men with her pictures making a round on social media.

Most women want a bigger set of breasts at some point in their life, but these ladies take the cake. Some of these women are all natural and others have gone to extreme measures to get some of the biggest boobs in the world, and most are nowhere near ending their plastic surgery procedures. Some chests are so big that we can’t help but wonder how these women walk around or stand up straight.

Surely there is a lot of risk and back pain involved, but for these women, they must think it is all worth it. We aren’t even considering how much work it is and what a lifestyle change it would be to try and be them for a day.

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