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Hennessy Goes Unclad with Big Sister Cardi B in New Photo

Many folks are wondering who’s that sweet looking girl standing next to Cardi B, well that’s Hennessy, Cardi B’s younger sister, for sure beauty runs in that bloodline.

Wired name for a sweet looking chic isn’t it? Apparently it happens that Cardi B’s dad came to the delivery room straight from a party where he was drinking his favourite alcohol ‘Hennessy’ and her mum love his suggestion for the name and that was it.

Toktok9ja did some digging and find out that her full name is Hennessy Caroline Almánzar. She is a social media and television personality.

Hennessy just turned 23, and she’s living it up regularly turning up with Cardi B on the reality series Love & Hip Hop.

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