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Here Are the Best and Worst Looks of this Year’s VMAs

Since the first MTV Video Music Awards in 1984, the live music awards show has been any­thing but bor­ing.

Celebs per­form, pre­miere new songs, reveal secrets (hel­lo, Bey­on­ce’s twins), and even air their feuds, but most impor­tant­ly, they wear some seri­ous­ly inno­v­a­tive, cre­ative and off-the-wall out­fits.

And this year was no excep­tion. Check out the wildest looks on this year’s red car­pet.

Nic­ki Minaj

Nic­ki rocked this crazy, yet chic Bar­bie-pink latex uni­tard. We can’t even imag­ine the time and effort it must have tak­en to put this on. Was there baby pow­der involved? Maybe some sort of lubri­cant?

Jere­my Scott

Jere­my Scott of Moschi­no showed up in a Nir­vana tee, snake­skin pants, and flashy gold cow­boy boots.

Rory Kramer

Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Rory Kramer donned a bright yel­low McDon­alds McChick­en suit. Can you say… McDreamy?

Jared Leto

Not one to be out­done, Jared Leto wore a calf-length sequin jack­et over a pink flo­ral blouse.

Demi Lova­to

Demi Lova­to looked pol­ished but funky in her shim­mer­ing, wide-leg pants and super sheer lace top.

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn wore this short embroi­dered dress cre­at­ed by Nico­las Jebran. We could do with­out that angel though, no? What do you think?

Sophie Beem

Sophie Beem’s striped out­fit looks like some­thing one might wear the morn­ing after crash­ing at a friends house.


Red­man looked regal-punk in his green embroi­dered jack­et and hard­ware-heavy pants.

Mel B

Mel B def­i­nite­ly sent a mes­sage with this bold sequined dress.

Hei­di Klum

Hei­di Klum wore this dar­ing­ly sheer gown.

Hazel E

There’s a lot going on in this black fringe dress worn by Love and Hip Hop’s Hazel E.

Jas­mine Sanders

Jas­mine Sanders looks great in this Moschi­no pair­ing, but we can’t stop think­ing she belongs some­where in the live-action ver­sion of Peter Pan.

Alessan­dra Ambro­sio

Alessan­dra Ambro­sio looks fierce in this intri­cate dress and those match­ing thigh-high lace-up boots. The boots earn her sec­ond place for longest-time-to-get-dressed (after Nic­ki Minaj, of course).

Far­rah Abra­ham

Far­rah Abra­ham let her metal­lic gold boots do the talk­ing.

Jus­tine Valen­tine

Jus­tine Valen­tine didn’t hold back with this reveal­ing mesh t‑shirt dress.

Cole Whit­tle

Cole Whit­tle of DNCE wore a cool pat­terned suit, but for­got his shirt at home.

Hai­ley Bald­win

Hai­ley Bald­win kept it sim­ple but sheer in this lacy body suit.

Remy Ma

Sheer body suits are catch­ing on this year. Remy Ma fol­lowed suit in this flo­ral one.

Kel­ly Doty, Ryan Ash­ley, and Nik­ki Simp­son

In latex, pleather, and chif­fon, Kel­ly Doty, Ryan Ash­ley, and Nik­ki Simp­son def­i­nite­ly made an impres­sion.

Paris Jack­son

Paris Jack­son looks a enchant­i­ng in her alter­na­tive take on the sheer trend.

DJ Khaled and baby Asahd

DJ Kaled’s son, Asahd, is lit­er­al­ly the cutest. He wins the red car­pet in our hearts! 10/10.

Which do you think were the best and worst looks from this year’s VMAs?

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