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Hor­ror as lad gets impaled through the THROAT of a School Boy

A SCHOOLBOY mirac­u­lous­ly sur­vived get­ting impaled through the throat on a fence on his first day back to school after sum­mer.

The teen was try­ing to climb out of the school’s grounds when the iron fence spike skew­ered him.

A teenage schoolboy got impaled through the throat in China
A teenage school­boy got impaled through the throat in Chi­na

It is believed that the unnamed stu­dent lost his foot­ing on the way down and the iron fence spike impaled his jaw.

A video tak­en by a wit­ness shows how the boy was impaled on the fence as para­medics and school staff are try­ing to get the spike off the fence with­out caus­ing more harm to the boy.

The help­less boy is even­tu­al­ly freed after the local fire ser­vice sheared off parts of the fence.

The boy was then rushed to the hos­pi­tal to get the iron spike removed.

Paramedics and school staff were frantically trying to save the boy
Para­medics and school staff were fran­ti­cal­ly try­ing to save the boy
The boy needed surgery to remove the spike
The boy need­ed surgery to remove the spike

The spike was tak­en out of the boy’s jaw dur­ing surgery and it is report­ed that he is in sta­ble con­di­tion.

The hor­ri­fy­ing acci­dent hap­pened on Sep­tem­ber 1 on the fence of Qinyuan Mid­dle School in Jiyuan city in China’s Henan province, which is 500 miles south of Bei­jing.

It was the first offi­cial day of the new school year as pupils were return­ing for board­ing.

The gates were open on the day, but the teenage boy decid­ed to scale the iron fence to leave the grounds, accord­ing to a spokesman.

The sec­ondary school is inves­ti­gat­ing into why the boy chose the climb the fence when the gates were open.

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