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How do black celebri­ties get lighter?

Tomer Amrani
Prod­uct Man­ag­er

33w ago

It all depends on whom you ask.

Some will claim vitili­go and earn sym­pa­thy points. Oth­ers straight up bleached their skin. Few are sub­jects of ter­ri­ble pho­to­shop­ping.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

This is Lil Kim. She was Wes­ley Snipes black back in my day. Two notch­es dark­er than Big­gie. She’s some­how three shades lighter than my pale ass. No vitili­go, no pho­to­shop­ping. Just good ol’ fash­ioned skin bleach­ing and some surg­eries to appear Asian.

Something’s up with my girl Bey­on­cé. Not sure what plan she’s on. But she does appear lighter from album to album. I hope she stops soon. Leave that silli­ness to Lil Kim.

My girl Pre­cious was just a vic­tim of shit­ty pho­to­shop­ping. Elle Mag­a­zine wasn’t sure how to make this cov­er fly off the shelves.

Do we pho­to­shop some weight off her or light­en her skin? Both? Okay, done!”

Of course Mike’s look­ing down laugh­ing at them all!

Don’t wor­ry, Mike- you’re still the king of trans­for­ma­tion. I mean, pop!

Rucinde-Ann Edson
Man­ag­er at FMCG Com­pa­nies (1994-present)

23w ago

No it’s not make up. It’s a course of antiox­i­dants and vit­a­min c tak­en intra­venous­ly. That’s in the case of Kim. Some­times it’s Pho­to­shop. But it’s most­ly the skin light­en­ing treat­ments done with a doc­tor.

Skin bleach­ing is also a pos­si­bil­i­ty, but it can leave scar­ring and cause can­cer.

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