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How Old is Maisie Williams “Arya Stark” of Games of Thrones?

Maisie Williams “Arya Stark” is a favourite character in the addictive TV series ‘Games of Thrones. She is much loved by fans as a result of the role she played. she showed bravery and intelligence in her role as the second daughter of Ned Stark. Her skills in using the sword given by John Snow her halve brother is also another reason why she might be credited as the best actress in this series. Season eight, the final also points fingers at her as the most appealing character of this series. She jumped out of nowhere to kill the Night Walker King wiping out the entire army of White Walkers and dead men.

Maisie arose speculation after getting down with Gendry, a skilled blacksmith and the bastard son of late King Robert Baratheon. Many fans are wondering how old she really is and if such scene was fit for her age. Maisie sort to know what it feels to be taken and lost her virginity to Gendry that night before the war with the Night Walkers.

Judging by her looks Maisie Williams “Arya Stark” could be predicted to be sixteen, maybe seventeen years old, but in actual fact, the English Actress is 22 years old. Ironical isn’t it?

At first when she was told by the directors she’ll give her virginity to Gendry, she thought it was a prank, Maisie also opened up that she cried in season eight while shooting scene of the long night fight with White Walkers.

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