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How the Snake’s Mis­take result­ed to its Cat­a­stroph­ic Death!

A snake entered a car­pen­try shop and as it crawled to the cor­ner, it went through a saw and hurt itself, a lit­tle bit. Angri­ly, it turned and bit the saw out of pride, and bit­ing the saw as show of pride hurt her bad­ly in the mouth.

Then not under­stand­ing what was hap­pen­ing to her and think­ing that the saw was attack­ing her, she decid­ed to roll around the saw as if to suf­fo­cate it with her whole body very tight with all strength.

It was so unfor­tu­nate, the snake end­ed up dead by the saw.


Some­times we react in anger, want­i­ng bad­ly to hurt those who did wrong to us, but instead we end up hurt­ing our­selves even more.

In life most times it’s bet­ter to ignore cer­tain sit­u­a­tions, because the con­se­quences can be irre­versible and cat­a­stroph­ic.

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