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How To Get Free Air­time For Data And Calls As You Browse On All Net­works, Intro­duc­ing MCent Brows­er

Gone are the days of brows­ing on your phone with your favorite browsers and you end up by get­ting noth­ing in return. Today i will be intro­duc­ing to you a brows­er that makes you earn air­time as you browse with it.

MCent Brows­er has come to stay with its lat­est air­time give­away bonus.
MCent Brows­er is the first ever brows­er that pays users in points which can lat­er be con­vert­ed to air­time that can be used for sub­scrip­tions and calls.
The brows­er earn­ing method is absolute­ly dif­fer­ent from Geopoll where you have to wait for sur­vey. MCent Brows­er is a stan­dard brows­er and is com­plete­ly sta­ble, the more you browse with it, the more your points increas­es.
First­ly, let’s take a look at the fea­tures of the brows­er. Here are the fea­tures below:
Fea­tures of MCent Brows­er App

* Free mobile data.
* Ad block.
* Incog­ni­to Brows­ing.
* Home screen short­cuts.
* Book­marks.
* Data save “Text only”.
* Browse his­to­ry.
* Smart down­load­ing.
* Tabbed brows­ing.
* Aut­oFill forms.
* Save for offline brows­ing.
* Smart and Per­son­al­ized search.
* Reward for brows­ing.
Now let’s talk about where to get the brows­er and earn free points / Air­time with it.
How To Earn Points And Con­vert To Air­time On MCent Brows­er

It’s sim­ple, all you have to do is to Down­load MCent Brows­er here. After that, reg­is­ter with your phone num­ber and you are good to go.
Now to get more points / air­time with the brows­er.
1. Browse With The App: Browse your favourite web­sites using MCent Brows­er App and earn reward points. Once your point reach min­i­mum of 1000 points kind­ly add it to your account and turn to air­time.
2. By Refer­ring: You will be giv­en a refer­rals link and if any per­son fol­lows the link to down­load and install Mcent brows­er, you will be giv­en 9,000 points instant­ly which you could cash out and turn to air­time at any­time. You can share your refer­ral link on Face­book, Forums, What­sApp, Blogs, Quo­ra and so on to make peo­ple know about the app.
Note: The more peo­ple that join through your link, the more the air­time / reward points you get. And The more you browse with it, the more points / air­time you earn.

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