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How Vera Sidi­ka broke the law while in school

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Socialite Vera Sidi­ka. [Photo/iwacu-tv.blogspot.com]

Socialite Vera Sidi­ka has revealed one banned activ­i­ty for stu­dents she used to do while still at High School.

Vera admit­ted that she used to wear wigs while in High School and would tell peo­ple she is in col­lege so as to be allowed in clubs at night.

I loved my hair very much and I would work on it every two weeks,” she said in the video which was shot by Mpasho.

I would have dif­fer­ent col­ors and dif­fer­ent styles. Even when I am broke I would real­ly make my hair look good. When I was in High School, I used to wear wigs every week­end and I sued to tell peo­ple I was in col­lege then I would go club­bing. I used to tell peo­ple I am in the avi­a­tion col­lege in Mom­basa.”

She said she loved hav­ing fun and would leave home with­out the knowl­edge of the mem­bers of her fam­i­ly to go danc­ing till late night before sneak­ing back home.

Her mes­sage to the girls is to remain focused while at school adding that edu­ca­tions is the best thing they can acquire in life.

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