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How Vera Sidika broke the law while in school

Article Image
Socialite Vera Sidika. [Photo/iwacu-tv.blogspot.com]

Socialite Vera Sidika has revealed one banned activity for students she used to do while still at High School.

Vera admitted that she used to wear wigs while in High School and would tell people she is in college so as to be allowed in clubs at night.

“I loved my hair very much and I would work on it every two weeks,” she said in the video which was shot by Mpasho.

“I would have different colors and different styles. Even when I am broke I would really make my hair look good. When I was in High School, I used to wear wigs every weekend and I sued to tell people I was in college then I would go clubbing. I used to tell people I am in the aviation college in Mombasa.”

She said she loved having fun and would leave home without the knowledge of the members of her family to go dancing till late night before sneaking back home.

Her message to the girls is to remain focused while at school adding that educations is the best thing they can acquire in life.

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