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I have bounced back , says Melaye

The sen­a­tor rep­re­sent­ing Kogi West, DinoMelaye, on Mon­day boast­ed that he has bounced back after his tra­vails.

Melaye in a tweet not­ed that though he was tak­en to the “dead end”, black­mail could not pre­vail over him.


Melaye who had been bat­tling to save his polit­i­cal career insist­ed that attempts to seal his lips from speak­ing against “tyran­ny, pol­i­tics of oppres­sion and black­mail” have failed.

It was not clear whether Melaye twit­ted from his hos­pi­tal bed at the Nation­al Hos­pi­tal, Abu­ja where he had been recu­per­at­ing after jump­ing out of a police van that was tak­ing him to Loko­ja, Kogi State cap­i­tal to face tri­al for alleged gun­run­ning.

He said in the tweet “Some­one once said, that, rock bot­tom is good sol­id ground and a dead-end street is just a place to turn around. In the last few weeks, I have been tak­en to the good sol­id ground at the rock bot­tom and they couldn’t go fur­ther. I have been brought to the dead-end street but with you stand­ing by my side, I have turned around and bounced back to the cha­grin of those who sought to seal my lips from speak­ing out against tyran­ny, pol­i­tics of oppres­sion and black­mail.

They, unleashed an end­less bar­rage of phys­i­cal, psy­cho­log­i­cal, meta­phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al tor­ture and assault on me, but, through the pow­er of the Most High, and you the good peo­ple of Nige­ria, we have once again, seen the tri­umph of truth over lies and good over evil.

It was Edmund Burke who was quot­ed as say­ing that when bad men com­bine, the good must asso­ciate; else they will fall one by one, … in a con­temptible strug­gle. I am of all men, a blessed man, to have coura­geous and depend­able peo­ple like you as my fel­low sol­diers in the strug­gle to free us from the shack­les of polit­i­cal strong­holds and tyran­ny. It is to you and my most won­der­ful and ever knowl­edge­able peo­ple of Kogi State, espe­cial­ly Kogi West, that I owe my deep­est grat­i­tude. You stood by me against the state and your own ‘best polit­i­cal self-inter­est’.

The state unleashed its raw pow­er on me and released 200 man-strong ful­ly armed police­men – on a man with­out a knife nor a bul­let. It did this because I called injus­tice by its name and called for account­abil­i­ty. For this they sought to break my spir­it and destroy me per­ma­nent­ly. In their moment of reign, I was ful­ly shack­led. With my hands tied to my back, and hurled into a dark soli­tary con­fine­ment wait­ing for the butch­ers knife, you, my peo­ple stood by me.

You came against a rag­ing fire and stood up against tyran­ny, lies, filthy lucre, injus­tice, per­se­cu­tion and greed. While in the dark and unable to fight for myself, they sought to take my man­date, which you had freely giv­en to me. But you answered back and quenched deceit in its wake. You stood res­olute and unflinch­ing and defend­ed your man­date to me. I thank you from the bot­tom of my heart. In their attempt to break me, they have made me stronger.

To you my inde­fati­ga­ble lead­ers; my irre­mov­able Pres­i­dent of the Sen­ate, a man of immea­sur­able vision for Nige­ria and true fight­er for the enthrone­ment of true democ­ra­cy and the rule of law, Sen. (Dr.) Abubakar Buko­la Sara­ki.

The fear­less Speak­er of the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dog­a­ra, I thank you both for your stead­fast­ness in the defence of the Niger­ian Con­sti­tu­tion and the enthrone­ment of the Rule of Law, jus­tice and equi­ty and the emas­cu­la­tion of anti-demo­c­ra­t­ic forces and tyran­ny every­where in Nige­ria. I am eter­nal­ly grate­ful to you.

To the entire Nation­al Assem­bly Mem­ber­ship, espe­cial­ly my col­leagues in the Sen­ate, I am eter­nal­ly indebt­ed to you for not play­ing pol­i­tics but stand­ing coura­geous­ly against oppres­sion and ter­ror. You have shown your­self lead­ers on whom Nigeria’s hope for tomor­row can be assured.

To you our gov­er­nors, min­is­ters, my dear Okun peo­ple and lead­ers, the Nation­al Chair­man and Kogi State Exec­u­tive of the PDP, lead­ers of the Diplo­mat­ic Corps, opin­ion lead­ers, Chief Mike Ozekhome SAN, Chief Ricky Tar­fa SAN, human rights lawyers and activists, and all my well-wish­ers and lovers of democ­ra­cy in Nige­ria; the Chris­t­ian and Mus­lim Com­mu­ni­ty, all of you that vis­it­ed me in the Nation­al Hos­pi­tal, after I was injured and sub­se­quent­ly detained at the hos­pi­tal. I thank you all for your stead­fast­ness in the defence of due process and the rule of law. I also thank you for your courage and sol­i­dar­i­ty.

Our ever fore­sight­ed and coura­geous civ­il soci­ety lead­er­ship, the media, lead­ers of thought across the coun­try, our hard-work­ing youth for whom I will give my last blood, our lov­ing moth­ers and sis­ters, I lack words to express to you my pro­found grat­i­tude for the unbreak­able chord of love that binds me to you through thick and thin. You have strength­ened my resolve and hard­ened my flesh against those who seek to devour and make meat of me. You have once again proven to me the axiom in the say­ing that “in pros­per­i­ty, our friends know us; in adver­si­ty, we know our friends.” I am very grate­ful. For your sake, I remain unbowed.

I know many of you wor­ry about my safe­ty and life in this new dis­pen­sa­tion where life is no longer sacred in Nige­ria. But do not be trou­bled. My bond of love for you, my good peo­ple, makes it impos­si­ble for me to con­sid­er my self-risk, safe­ty, com­fort or oppor­tu­ni­ty in my unflinch­ing com­mit­ment to stand up for you, to stand up for truth and if nec­es­sary die for the truth and the eman­ci­pa­tion of our peo­ple from the chains of pover­ty and oppres­sion. Though they raise spu­ri­ous alle­ga­tions against me, bear false wit­ness against me, though they seek to fright­en me and lure me into their boun­ty of evil, I will fear no foe.

Yes, my tra­duc­ers and tor­tur­ers wish that I keep qui­et; though they seek to seal my lips, to silence my voice for­ev­er, I remain ever more res­olute and com­mit­ted. I am com­mit­ted to this cause for which I am a politi­cian; the cause of the down trod­den, to speak truth to pow­er and stand against oppres­sion and injus­tice. On these issues there will be no com­pro­mise. I owe no apolo­gies and I ten­der none.

Like I have always said, you speak the truth, you die, you don’t speak the truth, you die. I have cho­sen to speak the truth, dead or alive. Rev. Mar­tin Luther King Jnr., once said, “Cow­ardice asks the ques­tion – is it safe? Expe­di­en­cy asks the ques­tion – is it pol­i­tics? Van­i­ty asks the ques­tion – is it pop­u­lar? But con­science asks the ques­tion – is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a posi­tion that is nei­ther safe, nor politic, nor pop­u­lar; but one must take it because it is right.”

To my peo­ple, I promise you this and this only. I have tak­en my posi­tion, I will not hold back, I will not hold my peace, I will not be shut down, nei­ther will I shut-up, not as long as injus­tice and false­hood con­tin­ues to reign, as long as I will live, I will not bow to Baal.

May the Almighty con­tin­ue to keep you all and be your bul­wark until vic­to­ry is assured. Once again, I thank you all so much. God bless you. God bless the Fed­er­al Repub­lic of Nige­ria.”

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