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I Love My Daugh­ter And I Slept With Her Twice ‑Father Con­fess­es After Impreg­nat­ing His Daugh­ter

A motor­cy­cle rid­er, Ubong Ime, took incest to a new height when he pro­fessed love to his daugh­ter whom he alleged­ly raped and impreg­nat­ed.

Acord­ing to PUNCH Metro gath­ered that the inci­dent hap­pened in the Iju area of Lagos State.

Cor­re­spon­dent learnt that the 15-year-old vic­tim lived with her moth­er in Uyo until in 2015 when the father, who had remar­ried, brought her to Lagos.

Ime, who was arrest­ed by police­men from the Iju Police Sta­tion , said he was in love with the vic­tim, adding that he slept with her twice.

He said, “Some­time in June 2018, my wife informed me that my daugh­ter was preg­nant after which we both called her to ask who was respon­si­ble for the preg­nan­cy.

She did not say any­thing, but I knew that I was the one who impreg­nat­ed her and it hap­pened in June. I fell in love with her and had sex with her two times.”

The vic­tim, how­ev­er, said her father first raped her on a day her step­moth­er stopped her from going to school after accus­ing her of steal­ing.

She said her father, who pre­tend­ed to be pun­ish­ing her , had sex with her.

She said, “My step­moth­er always accused me of steal­ing her mon­ey and most times she beat me up. Some­time in June, my step­moth­er accused me of steal­ing her N 200 and because of that, she said I should not go to school.

While I was doing the house chores, my dad­dy brought out a wire and start­ed beat­ing me. As he was beat­ing me, he ordered me to sit on the bed and remove my pants.

I ini­tial­ly refused, but as he con­tin­ued beat­ing me, I obeyed him and he raped me. As I was shout­ing, one of my neigh­bours came to knock on our door, but he told him that he was pun­ish­ing me.

After the sex, he told me that I should not tell any­body. He was the one that washed the clothes I was sup­posed to wash that day while I slept. After some time, I woke up and took my bath. I did not tell my step­moth­er any­thing.

Then in July 2018, before we start­ed our exam­i­na­tion, my step­moth­er said I should not go to school. My dad went out in the morn­ing and came back in the after­noon.

As of then, I was sleep­ing on the bed. I sud­den­ly noticed that some­one laid on me. Before I knew it, he had sex with me again, mak­ing it twice. He still warned me not to tell any­body what hap­pened between us.”

The vic­tim said when she missed her peri­od in July, her step­moth­er asked her if she had sex with any­one, but she denied it.

She said she con­fessed to her step­moth­er when it was con­firmed that she was two months preg­nant.

When my step­moth­er report­ed to my dad­dy that I looked preg­nant, he said I should lie to her that I was raped by some­one in a hotel. My step­moth­er con­tin­ued dis­turb­ing me and made me do a preg­nan­cy test . She told me that I was two months’ preg­nant.

When every­body on the street became aware that I was preg­nant, I decid­ed to tell my step­moth­er the truth.

My dad­dy was the first man that had sex with me. No oth­er per­son had done it with me before or after him, ” she said .

The vic­tim ’ s half – broth­er, David, said he had caught his father many times hav­ing sex with his sis­ter.

The 12- year – old said , “ There was a day that I came back from school and I met dad­dy on top of her . Dad­dy used to have sex with her even in the night if our mum­my is not at home . I used to see them togeth­er on our bed if our mum­my is not at home . ”

Ime was arraigned before an Ogba Mag­is­trates ’ Court on one count of defile­ment.

The police pros­e­cu­tor , Inspec­tor John Christo­pher , said the offence con­tra­vened Sec­tion 137 of the Crim­i­nal Law of Lagos State, Nige­ria , 2015 .

The charge read in part, “ That you , Ubong Ime, in June 2018 , at about 12 pm on Olushi­na Street, Isale Haruna , Oba­wole , Lagos State , in the Ike­ja Mag­is­te­r­i­al Dis­trict , did defile your daugh­ter (name with­held ) aged 15… . ”

The defen­dant plead­ed not guilty to the charge .

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