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I was Intro­duced to Drugs by a Church Mem­ber at the age of 12 — Dr. Hope Abra­ham Omeiza

Dr. Hope Abra­ham Omeiza, the Nation­al Co-ordi­na­tor Van­guard Against Drug Abuse was recent­ly  wel­comed on stage to dis­cuss the effects of Drug abuse at  the Annu­al Unit­ed Bap­tist Con­fer­ence . He start­ed by shar­ing how he was intro­duced to drugs by a church mem­ber at the age of 12, which has made him always pas­sion­ate each time he is invit­ed to address church­es and oth­er reli­gious bod­ies on drug abuse.

Dr. Hope arrived the venue on Sat­ur­day, 25th August around 10am in Auta Bale­fi Nas­sarawa state. He com­mend­ed the church­es for now includ­ing drug abuse top­ics in their pro­grams.

This is unde­ni­ably key in the fight against drug abuse if we must win because of the teem­ing pop­u­la­tion of youths in the church.” he said

Aside dis­cussing the effects he explained ear­ly signs par­ents will notice in a child/ward who had just start­ed using drugs.

Some of these signs are detach­ment, change of sleep pat­tern, change of feed­ing pat­tern, loss of plea­sure with pre­vi­ous­ly plea­sur­able activ­i­ties, flunk­ing class­es, change of friend cir­cle among oth­ers.”

Drug abuse among women/girls was also dis­cussed where he high­light­ed some of the rea­sons that com­pli­cates drug abuse in this group which are: stigma­ti­za­tion, high­er preva­lence of men­tal ill­ness in females, dif­fer­en­tial socio-eco­nom­ic sta­tus, the female month­ly men­stru­al cir­cle, and the rel­a­tive­ly poor­er health seek­ing behav­iour among the female folks.

He defined the term ‘Tele­scop­ing’ as the time from which an indi­vid­ual first encoun­tered the drug to when the indi­vid­ual is suf­fer­ing from the con­se­quences of drugs and requires help.

This have also been shown by stud­ies that tele­scop­ing is short­er in females than in their male coun­ter­parts.”

He con­clud­ed by empha­siz­ing that drug abuse is more preva­lent and clos­er to us than we ever thought, this is why he advo­cates that every­one must begin to talk. The ses­sion did­n’t fin­ish until all ques­tions were tak­en from over 20 youths where some were obvi­ous­ly seen to have been abus­ing drugs and seek­ing ways to help them quit.

The youth rep­re­sen­ta­tives and pas­tors of the church took turn to express their grat­i­tude to Dr. Hope for mak­ing it down and equal­ly com­mend­ed VGADA for the great work they are embark­ing. Prayers were also made to pros­per this cause.

Pic­tures from the Event:

Dr. Hope Abra­ham Omeiza Address­ing the Audi­ence
Cross Sec­tion of Par­tic­i­pants


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