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Icon­ic Singer, Celine Dion Takes a New Look After Under­goin Extreme Facial Surgery

Gram­my award win­ning Cana­di­an singer, Céline Dion, recent­ly went through extreme facial fix­es that has her look­ing like a total­ly dif­fer­ent per­son.
The 50-year-old icon­ic musi­cian under­went the makeovers in an attempt to turn a new page in her life since her hus­band and man­ag­er of 21 years, Rene Angelil, died of can­cer in 2016 at age 73. “She total­ly lost her look and is unrec­og­niz­able’ said a source.

Accord­ing to The Insid­er, last year the aging song­bird admit­ted she was open to facial fix­es, say­ing: “I’m still look­ing through the mag­a­zines to find the mir­a­cle things I can inject in myself.” but her rep­re­sen­ta­tive insist­ed she has not had new den­tal work, a nose job or Botox and looks the same as always. A Boston plas­tic sur­geon Dr Dave David not­ed “changes are so dras­tic”, and claimed he “wouldn’t rec­og­nize her” if he saw her, also stat­ing “she got rid of her gum­my smile, her teeth look bet­ter”. He also said ” The shape of her eye­brow looks like there was Botox there. Before she had a fat, round­ed face, now she has a chis­elled chin. she looks like a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent per­son.”

See new pho­tos of her after the surgery below:

The Que­bec-born song­bird has notched up world­wide sales of 110 mil­lion, plus anoth­er 30 mil­lion just for the Titan­ic sound­track. My Heart Will Go On, a song James Cameron near­ly jet­ti­soned from the film, is the most played radio hit in his­to­ry, accord­ing to Bill­board magazine.Celine, born March 30, 1968, began her career at the age of 12. The youngest of 14 musi­cal broth­ers and sis­ters, she record­ed a three-song demo and sent it off to record pro­duc­er Rene Angélil, whom her broth­er Michel had met a few times. After two weeks of wait­ing by the tele­phone Mum Therese had sta­tioned her brood in shifts round the clock wait­ing for his call Michel began pes­ter­ing the music mag­nate.

With Rene final­ly on the line, Celine’s broth­er said: “I know you haven’t lis­tened to the demo. ‘Cause if you had, you’d have already called us.” Ten min­utes after the con­ver­sa­tion end­ed, Rene called back and Celine’s been work­ing ever since.Her debut album, La Voix de Bon Dieu, was record­ed in 1981, but her first Eng­lish lan­guage effort didn’t appear until nine years lat­er. She made her name with a series of bal­lads for films includ­ing Beau­ty and the Beast and Sleep­less in Seat­tle. How­ev­er, after many failed IVF treat­ments, that wish was grant­ed twice over with the arrival of twin boys in Octo­ber 2010. “This is the great­est thing that could’ve hap­pened to us,” said the proud 68-year-old dad. “I hope to pro­vide to them all of the love that I can for as long as I can.”

Celine’s My Heart Will Go On pro­pelled the sound­track to world­wide sales of near­ly 30 mil­lion, unheard of for a most­ly instru­men­tal album. For six weeks she sank the com­pe­ti­tion, anchor­ing the num­ber one and two spots on the Bill­board charts with Titan­ic and Let’s Talk About Love.Financially all was plain sail­ing – her 1998 tour grossed $35 mil­lion dol­lars, with which she could buy sev­er­al Heart of the Ocean pen­dants, as well as her own cruise ship – but she had lit­tle rea­son to sing at home. In April 1999, Rene was diag­nosed with skin can­cer and a long planned retreat from the spot­light sud­den­ly became a pri­or­i­ty; he was giv­en a clean bill of health in June of the fol­low­ing year.

Dur­ing Celine’s time-out from the music scene the cou­ple had been try­ing des­per­ate­ly for a baby, and in June 2000 their prayers were answered when the cou­ple learned that Celine was preg­nant. She gave birth to a baby boy, René Charles, on Jan­u­ary 25, 2001. Mar­ried in 1994, the two renewed their vows in a glitzy cer­e­mo­ny at a Las Vegas casi­no in Jan­u­ary 2000 A fur­ther strug­gle to con­ceive again ensued, how­ev­er, and the mum-of-one was open and hon­est when it came to her desires to have anoth­er child.

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