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Increase Your Down­load Speed By 5x On Your Android With ADM

The major­i­ty of the PC clients who espe­cial­ly are depen­dent on down­load­ing can nev­er joke with the Inter­net Down­load­ing Man­ag­er (IDM), in light of the fact that they know that it’s an intense man­ag­er to increase down­load­ing speeds by up to 5 times, resume and sched­ule down­loads. 

IDM is only acces­si­ble for the Microsoft Win­dows oper­at­ing sys­tem, for­tu­nate­ly we have dis­cov­ered IDM for Android users, which is ADM (Advance Down­load Man­ag­er). ADM is an intense down­loader for Android gad­gets. ADM will expand the down­load­ing speeds on your Android gad­get up to 5 times. It’s the best Android down­load super­vi­sor for you! You can pause and resume your down­load­ing at your own time and fur­ther­more restart them.
High­lights of Advanced Down­load Man­ag­er Pro
» Down­load up to three files simul­ta­ne­ous­ly;
» Accel­er­at­ed down­load by using mul­ti­thread­ing (9 parts)
» Inter­cep­tion of links from the brows­er and clip­board;
» Icon of the pro­gram and down­load­ing progress in the noti­fi­ca­tion pan­el;
» Back­up list of down­loads and set­tings on SD card;
» Com­ple­tion noti­fi­ca­tion by sound and vibra­tion;
» Resume after recon­nec­tion or pro­gram restart;
» Save dif­fer­ent file types in dif­fer­ent fold­ers;
» Built-in brows­er for sites with reg­is­tra­tion;
» Plan files down­load on a sched­ule;
» Wid­get on your home screen;
» Site man­ag­er;
» No ads and much more.
Advance Down­load Man­ag­er Pro (ADM) Lat­est ver­sion 6.4.1 (Down­load Here)
Note: Make sure you unin­stall the pre­vi­ous ver­sion before you install the recent ver­sion to avoid  point­less mis­take.
Advance Down­load Man­ag­er Pro (ADM) old ver­sion 5.1.1
The devel­op­ers said that you can’t down­load YouTube videos with it under Google rules, how­ev­er the straight­for­ward tip to down­load Youtube videos with your ADM app is; by adding ss to your Youtube URL, tap on inquiry and you will be direct­ed to Save­from. Test­ed and con­firmed work­ing by Save­from
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