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Innocent Bike Man Caught Checking the Backside of Curvy Lady on Street

Nigeria ladies will not kill us with their endownment and assets, just recently, a bike man was caught on camera checking the delicious asset of a pretty curvy lady walking on the street. This is not new, it’s common with guys to checkout a girl’s butt who walk passes them. Sharp guys have even device a means to checkout the butt of other girls while standing with bae. What they do is pretend they are looking at something the same direction the girl walks through moments before she walks by, so it seems they were just caught-up. I like 9ja guys.

The bike man in the picture might be on a suicide mission checking out butts of pretty ladies, Nigeria have them in abundance. The lady in question seems to be enjoying the moment with a wild grin while peppering them.

Who took this picture, and what was his/her intention?

Please advice this bike man.

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