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Inno­cent Bike Man Caught Check­ing the Back­side of Curvy Lady on Street

Nige­ria ladies will not kill us with their endown­ment and assets, just recent­ly, a bike man was caught on cam­era check­ing the deli­cious asset of a pret­ty curvy lady walk­ing on the street. This is not new, it’s com­mon with guys to check­out a girl’s butt who walk pass­es them. Sharp guys have even device a means to check­out the butt of oth­er girls while stand­ing with bae. What they do is pre­tend they are look­ing at some­thing the same direc­tion the girl walks through moments before she walks by, so it seems they were just caught-up. I like 9ja guys.

The bike man in the pic­ture might be on a sui­cide mis­sion check­ing out butts of pret­ty ladies, Nige­ria have them in abun­dance. The lady in ques­tion seems to be enjoy­ing the moment with a wild grin while pep­per­ing them.

Who took this pic­ture, and what was his/her inten­tion?

Please advice this bike man.

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