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INSANE BODYBUILDING GENETICS! The Most Jacked and Shred­ded Father and Son Duo We’ve Seen!

This father and son have some impres­sive genet­ics.

Genet­ics. They play a major role in how one’s physique can be mold­ed and shaped. Some indi­vid­u­als have crazy back genet­ics that allow them to get their lats to explode with mus­cle. Oth­ers have crazy arm genet­ics, bicep and tri­cep inser­tions going above and beyond what we thought was human­ly pos­si­ble. Then there are those who have over­all supe­ri­or genet­ics allow­ing them to mold their bod­ies to insane­ly jacked and shred­ded forms.

When an indi­vid­ual has some impres­sive genet­ics, some­times they’re able to pass those same gifts onto the next gen­er­a­tion. This cer­tain­ly seems to be the case in regards to Jesse and Denis LeBlanc.

A cer­ti­fied per­son­al train­er, Jesse LeBlanc has been able to shape the bod­ies of his clients into healthy and strong fig­ures of peak human ath­leti­cism. Jesse LeBlanc has uti­lized that same knowl­edge and pas­sion for trans­form­ing his clients into shap­ing his own physique as well, lead­ing to numer­ous com­pet­i­tive body­build­ing titles in the process. But while Jesse may have put in the hard work to trans­form him­self, we have to con­sid­er that his supe­ri­or genet­ics helped him along the way.

Enter Denis LeBlanc.

A fit­ness enthu­si­ast him­self, Jesse’s father Denis has cut out a pow­er­ful and strong form of his own, look­ing extreme­ly jacked and shred­ded even in his ear­ly fifties. The father and son duo got the chance to show off their hard work and supe­ri­or genet­ics on stage when they com­pet­ed in a body­build­ing show togeth­er at last year’s Cana­di­an Nation­als. Suf­fice it to say, both LeBlanc men looked impres­sive as they stepped on stage.

Jesse and Denis LeBlanc not only have a bond through blood, but also their pas­sion for fit­ness.

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