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INSANE! Larry Wheels Deadlifts 765 Lbs Until He Bleeds From His Face!

Larry Wheels is unreal.

Feats of superhuman abilities are wondrous to behold. While Generation Iron acknowledges individuals who have built up an impressive physique, insane feats of strength simply can’t be denied and as such can’t be denied. It seems that the powerbuilder Larry Wheels seems to constantly break through expectations and shatter his personal records, lifting tons of weight as he continues his strength journey.

Most recently, Larry Wheels attended an Iron Rebel event at East Coast West Coast Strength Speed Conditioning. The event brought together other great strength athletes like Heba Ali, Andy Huang, and Tom Cruise, all of them representing the Iron Rebel team.

What happened at the meet was nothing short of amazing as Larry Wheels once again showcased why he’s such a special athlete as he performed 765 Lbs deadlifts for reps. The lift was so intense in face that the powerbuilder bled from his face. Check out the video below to see this incredible feat of strength.


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