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Inter­vene Now, Clouds of War Gath­er­ing Over Nige­ria – Bashir Tofa to Niger­ian ‘Big­men

The last time Nige­ria heard him was 1993 when he sought to be pres­i­dent. Now, he is being heard again with a dire warn­ing of what he sees o the hori­zon, what anoth­er com­pa­tri­ot, Gen T Y Dan­ju­ma has called the ‘war with­out fronts’. It is thus not whether he is mak­ing sense or not but a case of a senior cit­i­zen putting his thoughts togeth­er on an issue which he is absolute­ly qual­i­fied to speak on as a cit­i­zen. Read on:

The clouds of war are gath­er­ing with blood suck­ing gods that fol­low the perch­ing of vul­tures. Vul­tures from Europe, vul­tures from Eng­land, vul­tures from Asia, yes, vul­tures from Amer­i­ca that deal on arms. With eyes con­stant­ly fixed on any trou­ble spot in the world. They’re are hope­ful­ly pray­ing to extend their busi­ness from Tripoli to Abu­ja. This is because, Nige­ria is fast ascend­ing to the very path that Free­town took. The path that ruined Con­go and Libya. The express­way to Rwan­da, that is the path Nige­ria is fast speed­ing into. Yet, this path is not a new path to us. It’s a fami­lar ter­rain that we have tak­en before. In 1966, long before even the Rwan­dan path was paved. We wast­ed over 3 mil­lion peo­ple as hun­dreds of inno­cent souls were slaugh­tered before even the war start­ed.


Long before the Rwan­dan path was paved, reli­gious dif­fer­ences and eth­nic intol­er­ance as being repeat­ed today, led to a civ­il war that took our best, took our lead­ers, took inno­cent souls and took us back­ward.

The back­ward­ness is still hunt­ing and hurt­ing us till day. And, it’s the wounds of the war that was not treat­ed in a round table talk, talk, that is lead­ing to anoth­er war. Yet, the leader of the nation insists that he’s com­fort­able exact­ly the way things are.

So, it’s either his­to­ry is unfair to us or our lead­ers are blind to it. Indeed, the death meant to kill a dog does not allow her to smell fae­ces. And, like the say­ing goes, those who do not under­stand his­to­ry are bound to repeat it.

Even if we hadn’t expe­ri­enced a civ­il war before, what hap­pened in Free Town, Mon­rovia, Abid­jan in recent his­to­ry ought to have taught us a les­son. The way Tripoli was turned from a fast devel­op­ing city into a slave town where war lords reign should serve as a les­son.

But no, we learnt noth­ing. Just 50 years after, when those that played major role to the last civ­il war are still alive, here the snow­ball of war goes rolling down from the snow moun­tain of stu­pid arro­gance, gath­er­ing with it all the eth­nic intol­er­ance and reli­gious divide that paved the path of Rwan­dan.

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Where are you Gen. Gowon? Your silence is strong­ly becom­ing cow­ardice. Where art thou Alha­ji Abud­salem Abubakar? Your silence is strong­ly becom­ing a tac­ti­cal approval to the atroc­i­ties going on in the nation.

Where are you Chief Eme­ka Anyaoku for there is an error in your silence. Speak out Gen. IBB or else his­to­ry will record it that you said noth­ing when your voice was need­ed most. Ochi­agha Ndi Igbo Comr.Ebitu Uki­we your chil­dren are being slaugh­tered in their farms and you said noth­ing.
You all said noth­ing as the young­man who watched his preg­nant moth­er gang raped and her stom­ach ripped open bites his tongue and moan in revenge.

You big­men in pow­er and in office, you felt secured and less con­cerned because you thought the evil is far of. When this Rwan­da that is fast speed­ing to Nige­ria will arrive, the dis­tin­guished Sen­a­tor will be extin­guished. The Hon­ourable House mem­bers will be dis­hon­ored. Some of you in exec­u­tive offices will be exe­cut­ed.

All by war lords who will takeover and parade the streets of Osun, Ondo, Edo, Soko­to, Abu­ja, Cal­abar, Enugu etc (All states in Nige­ria). The war lords that took over the streets of Rwan­da did the same. So. Let each and every­one one of you wake up while it’s day, let us col­lec­tive­ly pur­sue the black sheep. Or else, when Rwan­da will arrive, lizards will replace cows as major source of pro­tein in our cook­ing.

Ask Samuel Doe, when Rwan­da arrived at Morovia, he hit the streets from the pres­i­den­tial palace in search of food after slaugh­ter­ing his lions for meal. That was how he was cap­tured and slaugh­tered. Rwan­da does not respect big men and big office hold­ers. As there are no big men Libya today, but war lords that are sell­ing the chil­dren of even the rich into slav­ery.

When Rwan­da arrives, there will be no strong man, no com­mu­ni­ty leader, big men or small men. In Rwan­da, there was not even reli­gious lead­ers. Every­one will be to him­self and God to all us. For the big­men aides will desert them and run to take their fam­i­lies into the bush for safe­ty. Then, the high fences of the local almight­ies will be climbed, their strong pad locks bro­ken, their prop­er­ties stolen, their wives and daugh­ters vio­lat­ed before them. For they’re always the first tar­get of the Rwan­da mobs. Ask the for­mer almighty of Con­go, Zaire pol­i­tics, ask Qaddafi, when Rwan­da vis­it­ed their palaces were the first tar­get of attack.

So, no one should feel less con­cerned about this Rwan­da breeze that is blow­ing towards Nige­ria. Do what­ev­er you can today to stop it by speak­ing out. Or else, we all will live to regret our inac­tions.

If the truth must be said, the path way to Rwan­da is being paved due to our Exec­u­tive arms of gov­ern­ment lack­adaisi­cal atti­tude in respect to the inse­cu­ri­ty rav­aging the coun­try.

Under this very regime that came for change, Nige­ria our beloved coun­try has unfor­tu­nate­ly, become a law­less coun­try. A coun­try with no rules and reg­u­la­tion, a coun­try where laws are not adhered to. A coun­try where there is no con­se­quence for killing of inno­cent cit­i­zens. Yet, we have a gov­ern­ment in place that refus­es to take respon­si­bil­i­ty and secu­ri­ty agents that seems not to know what their work is. Yet, every year we bud­get and spend bil­lions on secu­ri­ty agen­cies and the cit­i­zens are taxed for this. That’s how the path to Rwan­dan is being paved.

On the express­way to Rwan­dan, cit­i­zens got killed, inno­cent girls are vio­lat­ed, moth­ers raped, farm­ers throat slit, peo­ple going about their busi­ness­es are killed at gun point and noth­ing was done about it. From Enugu, Kaduna South, Bor­nu, Bauchi, Zam­fara, Adamawa, Nasarawa, Tara­ba, Plateau down to Benue, the Rwan­dan expe­ri­ence is going on.

You might feel secure today because you move around with escorts, but when Rwan­da will arrive it will only be war lords that will be escort­ed. There will be no sen­a­tor, Fed­er­al or State House mem­ber, because each zone will be manned by war lords that leg­is­late the rule of law. When Rwan­da will arrive there will be no gov­er­nor, no min­is­ter, no gov­ern­ment offi­cials because there was none in Rwan­da, each area will have a war lord that will be lord of the law.

In Rwan­da, there will be no mid­dle class, indus­tri­al­ist, banks etc, so there will be no ATM. The war lords con­trol­ling the areas you fall into might decide to print a new cur­ren­cy with his head as the logo. So, stop count­ing on what you have acquired now, for all be lost.

On the path to Rwan­da men of God that speak out and speak the truth to the gov­ern­ment of the day were arrest­ed and detained. Just as it is hap­pen­ing now! On the path to Rwan­da the gov­ern­ment of the day favoured one eth­nic group against the oth­er, and those that felt neglect­ed took to self-defense. That was what paved the way to Rwan­da.

The Rwan­dan high­way is being paved in Kaduna South, Jos, Tara­ba, Zam­fara, Nasarawa and Benue. Com­mu­ni­ties that felt neglect­ed by the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment are going into self-defense. In Rwan­da, babies were born with no future. As soon as they grow up they pick up an AK 47 and start killing fel­low human beings. That Rwan­dan path is being paved in the Boko Haram con­trolled areas in North­ern Nige­ria.

In Rwan­da, bod­ies of dead peo­ple lit­tered every­where and the gov­ern­ment of the day felt less con­cerned, just as dead bod­ies means noth­ing any­more in Nige­ria. Nige­ria is just as if we are in Liberia or Afghanistan. Nige­ria has become a bar­bar­ic nation with no respect for human life. Like Rwan­da, Nige­ria has become a place where we wake up every day and hear that peo­ple are being slaugh­tered and we feel like it’s nor­mal. In fact, like Rwan­da, Nige­ria has become a place where we hear 6 killed, 24 injured and we are like it’s small.

Like Rwan­da, schools have closed in so many vil­lages due to the attack of war lords strug­gling for ter­ri­to­ries and the gov­ern­ment of the day are help­less about it. Nige­ria is seri­ous­ly drift­ing towards Rwan­da, but some peo­ple instead of speak­ing out and say­ing the truth are clap­ping and urg­ing the pres­i­dent to go on as if noth­ing is hap­pen­ing. But, when Rwan­da will arrive, there would be no oil mon­ey to share, no nation to gov­ern and all the major oil fields will be con­trolled by Niger Delta war lords. So keep on clap­ping and prais­ing the gov­ern­ment while preg­nant women are being slaugh­tered.

Keep on talk­ing about 2019 while inno­cent chil­dren are being mur­dered. Keep on pre­tend­ing that all is well with Nige­ria when a for­eign army of occu­pa­tion has tak­en over most vil­lages in Nige­ria and our mil­i­tary are doing noth­ing about it. Keep on feel­ing less con­cerned when our nation­al ter­ri­to­ry has been invad­ed by for­eign mer­ce­nar­ies and we keep on pre­tend­ing like all is at peace. The truth is, we can­not con­tin­ue like this and expect Nige­ria not to hit the Rwan­dan path. Nige­ri­ans are being slaugh­tered like cat­tle, and their cries are hit­ting the ground. Hearts are hurt­ing, souls are rav­aging for Revenge and they’re gath­er­ing storms of war. Nige­ria will not sur­vive a sec­ond civ­il war and the next war will be so shape­less because peo­ple will be hit from all angles. In Rwan­da, every­where and every­one was affect­ed. When Rwan­da vis­it­ed Sudan, the for­mer sen­ate pres­i­dent lined up to beg for food from the relief agen­cies.

The ear­li­er our lead­ers drop their eth­nic and reli­gious dif­fer­ences and come togeth­er to demand an end to the killings mov­ing from one vil­lage to anoth­er to slaugh­ter our peo­ple. Speak out now for no mat­ter how small your voice may sound, our col­lec­tive voic­es will sound like a big mega phone to help stop the loom­ing dan­ger”

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