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I’ve nev­er been mar­ried, look­ing for a man to mar­ry me now

Vet­er­an Nol­ly­wood actress Nkiru Syl­vanus recent­ly in an inter­view dis­closed that she has nev­er been mar­ried.

The actress who launched a gospel album said she intends to go into music full time as she has always planned, reveal­ing she might as while con­tin­ue act­ing.

In the inter­view, the light-skinned beau­ty talked about her career, rela­tion­ship and how she is set to take her music as seri­ous as she did her act­ing.

See excerpts from her inter­view with The Nation.

When asked the rea­son behind the release of her album and the idea behind its title, she said;

It sim­ply means that I am not afraid of the pow­ers that be. I am not afraid to express my com­mit­ment to God, I am not afraid to let the world know I stand with Christ. It’s about time we took the king­dom work more seri­ous­ly.”

The album is a bold step at bring­ing out one of my gifts, which is singing, and it is already on dif­fer­ent online plat­forms. The 15-track album was released on March 25, 2018 by the Record Label, Kisil Enter­tain­ment Net­work.

It has songs like Imela, I Cry to You, Author­i­ty, Chuk­wu Obio­ma, Awe­some God and I’m Not Afraid, fea­tur­ing Ifu­nanya. I will begin the first leg of my media tour in Lagos.”

The actress also revealed she wouldn’t be putting her act­ing aside as she intends to com­bine the both.

She said; “They are all art and enter­tain­ment, they mar­ry each oth­er, and they com­ple­ment each oth­er. For me, going into gospel music is a pas­sion that has been sub­dued for too long and it’s about time I came out and used the tal­ent for the pur­pose it was giv­en. None will give way to each oth­er but I hope and pray to use both well.”

On how long she intends to pur­sue music as a career, the actress replied “I wish for this to last as long as my breath can take me, hence I am tak­ing it easy because I plan to stay here long enough and be able to give out a qual­i­ty mes­sage while doing the work of my Father in heav­en.”

When con­front­ed with ques­tions con­cern­ing get­ting mar­ried to her colleague’s hus­band, the light-skinned beau­ty replied.

Which col­league? Because the last time I checked I am not mar­ried to anybody’s hus­band.”

The inter­view­er also asked, it is believed that you got your polit­i­cal appoint­ment because of your per­son­al rela­tion­ship with the gov­er­nor. And you left because of his wife. How true is this?

She replied; “The appoint­ment is like employ­ment. You are employed to work, not to sit and eat. You work to put food on your table and also acquire more knowl­edge. An appoint­ment isn’t an achieve­ment that one would sit back and beat his chest to say I have arrived. What could be so spe­cial with ‘come and work’ that peo­ple will make so much fuss about it? We should focus our ener­gy on more pro­duc­tive things. My boss is my boss, noth­ing more and the wife is like a moth­er to me.”

When asked how she reacts to rumors con­cern­ing mar­riage and affairs. Nkiru replied “I don’t pay atten­tion to things that don’t add val­ue to me, so I bare­ly notice them.”

She also replied on What’s hold­ing her back from tak­ing the mar­i­tal vows?

She said “It will hap­pen in due time, and when the time comes it won’t be a hid­den affair; you will all be invit­ed. When the right man comes call­ing and if I’m sat­is­fied with­in my soul that this is the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve worked hard as a young lady that, right now, I don’t want just any man but a man that will be there for me. A lot is being said about me, and I know.”

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