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Kinsey – Model who Disrupted Champions League Final Pays €15,000 for Pulling Stunt

American born Model of Russian heritage, Kinsey Wolanski who disrupted Champions League match final has been fined €15,000, for pulling such stunt and illegal advertisement. The model who’s Instagram handle grew to 2 million from 300,000 after the stunt revealed that she did it for her boyfriend.

Recalled that Wolanski, 22 jumped over the advertising hoardings and sprinted across the pitch wearing a black swimsuit forcing the final match to come to a brief stop.

Apparently, her stunt was to promote her boy friend’s adult website, Vitaly Uncensored. There are complains that the fine is not enough considering the high publicity the stunt brought to her and the website which is claimed now worth around €3 Million.

According to reports, her Instagram handle was taken down recently.

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