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Kylie Jen­ner’s Hot Body­guard Tim Chung’s Response Fuels Pos­si­b­li­ty of being Stormi’s Dad

Only Kylie Jen­ner and Pater­ni­ty test know the truth.

Even the men involved: Travis Scott and Tim Chung have their doubt­sand sus­pi­cions.

Who is Stor­mi real father? — fans ques­tion.

Fans sug­gest Tim Chung’s eva­sive answers to ques­tions about hook­ing up with Kylie Jen­ner says alot.

Kylie Jenner’s Body­guard Tim Chung Legit Bragged to His Friends About Their Alone Time

At first the Inter­net just thought of him as Kylie Jenner’s “hot bodyguard”—but then anoth­er rumor start­ed swirling…

Last week, fans start­ed spec­u­lat­ing that Tim Chung, a mem­ber of Kylie’s secu­ri­ty detail, was in fact the true father of the 20-year-old real­i­ty star’s daugh­ter Stor­mi Webster—and now Chung is slam­ming any spec­u­la­tion as to who the baby’s dad­dy real­ly is.On Sat­ur­day, Chung took to his Insta­gram, which has a sub­stan­tial fol­low­ing of over 735,000 fol­low­ers, and wrote, “I am a very pri­vate per­son and would nor­mal­ly nev­er answer to gos­sip and sto­ries that are so ridicu­lous that they are laugh­able.”

Out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, their daugh­ter togeth­er and their fam­i­lies, I would like to set the record straight that my inter­ac­tions with Kylie and her fam­i­ly have been lim­it­ed in strict­ly a pro­fes­sion­al capac­i­ty only,” Chung con­tin­ued on the post which was cap­tioned, “My first and last com­ment.”

Tim, who is also a mem­ber of the Los Ange­les Police Depart­ment, end­ed the state­ment: “There is no sto­ry here and I ask that the media no longer include me in any nar­ra­tive that is incred­i­bly dis­re­spect­ful to their fam­i­ly.”

The state­ment comes after fans flood­ed social media with side-by-side com­par­isons of Tim and Stormi’s faces, not­ing per­ceived sim­i­lar­i­ties.

Tim’s mak­ing it seem like he’s Kylie’s baby’s dad­dy. For starters, he even thinks Stor­mi looks like him,” the insid­er revealed. “He’s telling his friends that he’s been alone with Kylie tons of times in her house but when they ask if [they’ve been inti­mate], he sim­ply smiles.”

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