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Lil Wayne’s Daugh­ter Regi­nae… Report­ed­ly PREGNANT By Rap­per!! (Pho­tos)

We just got wind of a BLOCKBUSTER report. Accord­ing to one of our Atlanta snitch­es, friends of Regi­nae Carter believe that she’s PREGNANT with her boyfriend YBN Lucci’s baby. Regi­nae is cur­rent­ly 19 years old and a Sopho­more at Spel­man Col­lege.

Here’s what one we were told:

Every­one thinks Regi­nae is preg­nant. She wasn’t drink­ing [last week] when she was at Gold Room with Luc­ci. Also they beefed up secu­ri­ty around her. And she look slike she has a lit­tle bel­ly.”

Regi­nae was always a HEALTHY sized gal – but her tum­my was always as FLAT as a board. Not so any­more Check out this pic of Regi­nae, show­ing a slight tum­my bulge.:

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